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What are the best mods for Minecraft 2022

Minecraft itself gives you the chance to experience something infinitely random with each new world being different from any new worlds that already exist. In-game modes take that experience to the next level.

Minecraft mods can help you turn your exciting Minecraft experience into a fun time. With thousands of mods to choose from, we have compiled a list of some of the best Minecraft mods that you can use to make your time in this popular sandbox game more enjoyable.

Best Minecraft Mods You Should Try

The mods we have selected for you are working on different versions of the game. According to our internal testing, most of these mods work with Minecraft versions 1.16.5 and 1.17.1.

But you can always check each mod’s download page to find out if they support your version of the game. We’ve shared download links and in-game screenshots along with an overview of each mod below.

What are Minecraft Mods and How to Install Them?

Minecraft Mods are add-ons or game-level changes to the existing Minecraft gameplay experience. These are community-based and free, created by editing the readily available source code of the Java version of the game.

You will find thousands of Minecraft mods online with dedicated updates even after years of release. To install them, you need to create a folder called ‘Mods’ in your Minecraft directory and place the downloaded mods in it.

1. JourneyMap

Minecraft players share the struggle when it comes to incredible maps and the complete absence of HUD-based mini-maps. The aim of this mod is to deal with that with a wide but small map placed in the corner of your screen.

You can see not only the world and where you are going, but also the entities in the area, including the crowd. It also shows the name of the biome, which can be especially useful if you’re new to the game.

2. OptiFine

One of the most popular methods ever, OptiFine has been treasured by low-end PC gamers. It not only enhances your graphics in the game but also goes a long way in improving the performance with custom settings options. We have an in-depth article dedicated to getting you started with OptiFine. This wikiHow teaches you how to get the best FPS on Minecraft using OptiFine.

3. Quark

Essentially, Quark Mod aims to provide as many gameplay enhancements as possible without compromising slightly on performance compared to non-modified Minecraft games. This mod offers tons of features including an improved mount HUD, inventory search, item sharing, camera mode, and more.

You can read about all the features on their official website. From what we tested, it certainly delivered on that promise. However, this is a dependent mod which additionally requires you to have the AutoRegLib mod installed.

4. WorldEdit Minecraft Mod

This mod is technically a map-builder, but what makes it unique is that it runs inside the game. Yes, you can use mathematical equations, shared construction files, and even 3D brushes to create and customize your in-game structures.

WorldEdit Mod is any Minecraft player’s dream who is into custom structures. Since I’m not the best creator, you can check out an official screenshot to give you an idea of ​​what WorldEdit can do for you.

5. Animal Bikes

Yes, this mod does what the name suggests. It takes your ability to ride horses in the game and applies it to almost every other mob you have in Minecraft. From ender dragon to creeper, many creatures are waiting for you to make them your animal bike. You can use this mod in Minecraft version 1.14.4 (Revealed in 2020) or later.

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