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Top 20 High Graphics Games for LOW END PC | 2GB RAM | 4GB RAM | 512MB | VRAM |Dual Core PC's 2022

Playing PC games makes it completely clear that graphics aren’t everything. Most streamed games on Twitch have low PC requirements, which is not a coincidence. Sometimes developers sacrifice the quality of the gameplay for the graphics. It’s an unfair trade-off, but it’s a harsh reality.

A person can spend hundreds of hours playing these games until their laptop or desktop computer overheats. With a quality PC build, people can play most of these games at maximum settings or increase the frame rate on lower settings. Note that many of these games can also be played on macOS. These are amazing PC games with low requirements.

1. Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a great strategy game with a unique premise and some seriously nostalgic vibes. Featuring a chiptune soundtrack and some SNES-era graphics, this procedurally generated RPG world doesn’t take extensive PC hardware to run well. That said, players with high-end PCs shouldn’t sleep on this title just because it looks and feels like a retro release.

The world of Loop Hero is complex, giving players the opportunity to “influence a world” rather than just controlling a single character. They’ll need to lay out cards, build paths, manage resources, and “strategy for the future.” It’s challenging, deceptively simple, and a nice change of pace for players looking for something to tease their brain.

2. Monster Train

Monster Train is one of the best deckbuilding roguelites on the market, subjectively beaten only by Slay the Spire. In terms of intense visuals, the game is as simple to play as any other card game on the market. Most devices should be able to play the game and it should look as good as the highest end rigs.

The game is endlessly addictive, fusing traditional deckbuilding with a sort of tower defense element. It offers dozens of combinations for what types of decks can be drafted during a run.

It is also very easy to get successful runs as compared to other games, with the challenge the game has high difficulties. The ultimate goal is to beat each combination on the highest difficulty level that is both challenging and engaging. Monster Train is definitely a good ride.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular cross-platform games that you can download and play on PC with minimal specifications. The game requires 4GB of RAM and will work with most older Intel and AMD processors.

The game is available on Windows PC, iOS, Android Mac and even consoles.

Minecraft is a sandbox building game. The game doesn’t have a specific goal, and you don’t need to follow a single story. Players can choose their own activities, which include exploration, resource gathering, crafting and building structures.

The game can be played in single-player mode or multiplayer mode. The game also allows users to create mods (modifications) and maps (levels) for others to use.

Minecraft offers players several different modes to play: Creative, Survival and Adventure mode. In creative mode, players have unlimited resources to create whatever they want; Survival Mode requires materials for players to craft equipment and weapons; Adventure Mode allows players to create their own world.

4. Old School Runescape

It’s old-fashioned when today’s low end PCs were hot stuff. Runescape has existed for a long time and there’s definitely a reason for it. This MMO dates from the days when online games didn’t always guide you down the path of quests and leveling up opportunities.

The Old School version of Runescape takes you back to the early days of its online world. You might struggle to get it started without the wiki, but at least it won’t test your PC.

5. Stardew Valley

An indie sensation that brought the idyllic of Harvest Moon to PC. Build your farm into a vegetable kingdom, explore, learn about the lives of your neighbors, fall in love and settle down.

The simple graphics ensure it will run like a dream on your laptop, and it will pass long flights in a jiffy. Stardew Valley has officially supported cooperative farming for a few years now, which is undoubtedly a great way to get back to Pelican Town.

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