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The Best PC Games of 2022 (So Far you)

Do you play your games on your computer? Well, we haven’t forgotten about you. Over the past few weeks we’ve ranked the best games of 2022 ever, best Switch games of 2022, best PlayStation games of 2022, and best Xbox games of 2022, but we realize that not everyone has a console.

In fact, the PC gaming audience is huge, and they’re clearly as thirsty for new adventures as anyone who plays on their TV. (Maybe even more.) And that’s what this list is full of: adventures of different types and sizes and scope and intentions, with the only similarity being that you can run them on the same machine you use to create your spreadsheets. -Same machine You probably already spend eight hours a day in front of your job.

Whether you’re looking for smart story-focused games that you knock down in an afternoon, or epic RPGs that’ll suck you 200 hours, there should be something on this list that you’ll want to download to your PC.

Lost Ark

Smilegate’s isometric free MMO has finally launched on Western servers, courtesy of Amazon Game Studios, and immediately broke Steam peak player records for CS:GO and Dota 2. Admittedly, the extensive queues for some Lost Ark servers may contribute to that figure, but once you’re in, Lost Ark has a staggering amount of content for MMO fans, once you’re 50 and more. reach a level higher than that.

It’s a pleasure to experience the finely tuned battles of Lost Ark, and each Lost Ark class is carefully balanced to ensure that each build can compete. You don’t have to worry about taking multiple choices through the story, either, as the Lost Ark PowerPass is available as a shortcut once you’ve finished the story on one character. It’s still early days for the MMO, but as our Lost Ark review-in-progress points out, its “flashy battles and clever dungeon design” set it apart.

There you have it, the new PC game you should be playing right now. Now, we’ll admit, we were a little vocal at first: New PC games aren’t necessarily the cream of the personal computer crop. For that, you should check out our list of best old games for classics and best PC games of all time, or even check out or collect free online games, no download required.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition may not be a new game, but it has a shiny coat of paint as well as a few extras that make one of the most exciting gaming series worth revisiting. Not only has it been revamped with the ability to play in 4K, but it also comes with almost all of the content from the first three games, including their DLC. Additionally, there have been some technical and gameplay improvements for a more intuitive experience.

If you’ve never encountered Commander Shepherd and the vast ME universe, now’s the perfect time. This epic space saga not only takes you through many galaxies and worlds but also pits you against all kinds of enemies. Whether you follow the main story or one of several sides, the narrative is gripping. The best part is that you get all three games in one package.

Elden Ring

In my preview piece for Elden Ring, I called the game “aimless”. I felt overwhelmed and boldly said that it “echoed the emptiness sometimes seen in other open world titles.” This claim, which was made after seven hours of play time, is no longer representative of how I feel after 70 hours with the game, but that feeling hasn’t completely gone away.

The best moments of Elden Ring embody the most powerful sensations of grandeur I’ve experienced while exploring an open world. Its sheer scale and sense of freedom contrast wonderfully with the terror that pervades its abandoned grounds. But alternatively, the game suffers from some tedious objectives, frequent boss and enemy reuse, and tedious mini-dungeons. Lands Between still surprises me after riding between them for dozens of hours, but those repetitive moments are a slog.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is Ember Lab’s first video game release, recently launching as a console exclusive on PS5. Its excellent Pixar-esque animation surprised the PlayStation community when it was revealed at Sony’s Future of Gaming conference. But as with any studio’s first major title, doubts were brewing about the state of the gameplay itself.

While the experience is really rough around the edges, Kena: Bridge of Spirit’s greatest asset is its heart. The warm smile that floats across Kena’s face gently welcomes the adorable creatures of the forest, carrying the weight of a mountain.

Corruption robs the world of its soft complexion, and as players watch their complexion slowly return, a powerful fulfillment washes over them. The declining state of the world tells a story; The history of the people who lived here, how their lives were taken away from them, and the ways in which there is still beauty to be found in destruction.

Resident Evil Village

There are few expectations of a critically acclaimed action-horror series when a new Resident Evil game rolls around, and when Resident Evil Village hits some of them, it breaks others.

From a gameplay perspective, Resident Evil Village is essentially the love child of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7. Narratively, though, Capcom managed to flip Resident Evil 7’s plot differently and spin it into the fairy tale-esque story we get. From Resident Evil Village. It’s like watching a fantasy gothic horror movie.

The deeper the story goes, the more invested I become in the journey, and that’s rare for a Resident Evil game, as most are cheesy and revolve around a complicated plot, but Resident Evil Village Its purpose is simple. And thus, it’s easy to get attached to, and while the protagonist, Ethan Winters, may be soft as a bag of bricks, he’s arguably one of the most relatable characters in the Resident Evil universe.

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