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God of War guide: tips to know before you play

If you’ve checked out our God of War review, you’ve probably noticed that Kratos’ latest outing is a far cry from the bombastic top fare we’re used to.

Not only is the setting different but the combat is also a far cry from what we expected from the previous entries.

Leveling up, earning currency, acquiring more abilities and gear, all have more in common with fully fledged role-playing games than Kratos’ previous adventures do. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know before tackling God of War for PS4.

1. Go Explore, But Explore Thoroughly

When you’re out exploring, make sure you scrutinize every nook and cranny of the environment. There is always a ton of treasure around that is full of items and resources.

Also, if you ever find any runic chests, take the time to open them, as they usually contain valuable performance-enhancing items, such as Idun Apples and Horns of Blood Mead, which can increase your maximum health and Spartan Rage. raise the meter. You rarely have to worry about runic chests or hidden treasure abilities locking up, so be sure to search the environment closely for solutions.

2. How to make the best use of Atreus in combat

Kratos’ son Atreus isn’t just a traveling friend in God of War, he’s useful for combat and for learning more about the world around you. When you tap the square aiming at any enemy in the center of the screen, he attacks primarily with his bow and arrow.

Initially he doesn’t do that much damage but continues to upgrade his abilities and he will soon be able to stun and kill monsters. He can strangle enemies to weaken and deter them, and unleash a series of magic attacks to upgrade him as much as Kratos to make him a good fighter.

3. Axe throwing!

Another super fun mechanic to master is the ax throwing, which you can use to kill enemies and solve puzzles. This allows you to keep your distance while constantly tossing your ax around the arenas. If all else fails, Kratos has the Spartan Rage ability.

You can fill the gauge when you fight enemies and are best used when your health is very low. Your damage resistance increases exponentially and you can tear apart smaller enemies to collect some much-needed health before tackling a more challenging enemy.

4. Get Comfortable Dodging and Parrying

Kratos is adept at killing monsters to a pulp in God of War, but your dodge and fairies timing depends on the rhythm of the battle. This approach is nowhere near as unfeasible as in Dark Souls. You’ll still want to know when to weave in and out of enemies’ range.

Plus, the accuracy of timed blocks helps in fighting off attacks. It would be best if you learn the maneuver early in the game as mini-bosses can be close to impossible later on when without the mastery of dodging and parrying.

5. Sons And Fathers In God Of War

Kratos’ son Atreus can play a very integral role in the game’s battles and the game’s first fight against the Troll is a great opportunity to understand how Atreus can be useful. Using him in this first fight, his attacks are not as powerful.

Using Atreus chips on the troll’s health bit by bit in conjunction with Kratos’ attacks, attacking when possible, taking some distance. Keep this in mind for future fights as his skills can be upgraded where he can have more powerful arrows and use powerful spells.

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1 God of War (2005)
2 God of War II (2007)
3 God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008)
4 God of War III (2010)
5 God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010)
6 God of War: Ascension (2013)
7 God of War (2018)

1 The Cuirass of Zeus is acquired by defeating Sigrun in Midgard.
2 The Gauntlets of Zeus are acquired by defeating Gondul in Muspelheim.
3 The War Belt of Zeus is acquired by defeating Hildr in Niflheim.

1 Pride of the Frost.
2 Block Break.
3 Executioner’s Cleave.
4 Guardian Sweep.
5 Countering Strike.
6 Whirling Storm.
7 Guardian Justice.