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top 5 Best Cyberpunk Anime You Need to Watch

There are a lot of genres in modern anime, and some famous anime series and anime movies fall under lesser known categories that only anime freaks recognize.

A representative niche genre is cyberpunk, which first originated as a novel genre and has been intergraded in Japanese animation since the early 1990s. Many cyberpunk anime are set in a sci-fi world to illustrate human psychology.

He also has themes of integration between mankind and artifacts, including computers and networks. As a recommendation list for cyberpunk beginners, here are the 5 best cyberpunk anime series and anime movies of all time including classic franchises and modern series.

1. Metropolis

Madhouse’s second entry on this list is the anime film, Metropolis. It is an adaptation of the manga by the manga’s godfather Osamu Tezuka.

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Released on May 26, 2001, Metropolis takes place in the City of Metropolis, a technologically advanced city where humans and robots co-exist. The story follows detective Oyaji Hige, known as Shimsali Ban, and his nephew Kenichi Shikishima.

Kenichi frees a girl from a lab with amnesia named Tima and is on the run from Duke Red, the ruler of Metropolis. Kenichi does everything in his power to protect Tima as the two adventure through Metropolis.

2. Ai No Kusabi: The Space Between

Have you ever had a dream in which you dreamed that you could live in a world where your position in society would be determined by the color of your hair? This is the reality of the world of The Space Between.

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The story follows Iason Mink, a top blonde boy in the class, who comes into contact with Ricky, a dark-haired young man. When Iason rescues Riki from a swarm of attackers, Riki offers Iason his body as a way to pay off the debt.

Thus, a very interesting relationship began between the two. There are a lot of taboo aspects introduced throughout the anime and it’s definitely not safe to watch in your workplace considering it gets really steamy at times if you know what I mean.

3. Angel Cop

Shaw Aikawa, who previously traumatized you with Genocyber, was the screenwriter for this cult classic, which garners a devoted following thanks to its ridiculously strong violence.

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The story is a gonzo take on Robocop with psychic warfare and the kind of outfits that are commonly seen in Judas Priest videos.

BBFC had its way with the original as it was considered too strong for British audiences and had several cuts, and its underground status would ensure its popularity among loyalists for years to come.


In the 22nd century, Japan has become one of the safest countries in the world. However, this seemingly utopian world is everything but a peaceful one.

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Its citizen must follow CIBIL, which is a system created by the government to scan the possibility of a citizen in committing a crime. However, with such advanced technology to control crime and indirectly corrupt people, as you will see in season two of the show.

Psycho-pass is another perfect example. When the needs of society exceed the needs of the individual, people are more likely to die from stress in life than from criminal activity.

5. No Guns Life

There are a lot of characters in cyberpunk, but none of them have body modifications like the ones seen in No Guns Life.

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This 24-episode series is set in the near future where several humans decide to become expanded namesake cyborgs.

This world has recently gone through an extensive war, and some extended soldiers have turned to crime in order to survive. Juzo Inui is an extended detective who takes on cases involving other members of his kind, and his entire head is a giant, functional revolver.

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1 Blade Runner (1982) Warner Bros.
2 The Matrix (1999) Warner Bros.
3 Robocop (1987) Orion Pictures.
4 Total Recall (1990) Tri-Star Pictures.
5 Escape From New York (1981) AVCO Embassy Pictures.
6 Twelve Monkeys (1995) Universal Pictures.
7 Minority Report (2002)
8 Videodrome (1983)

1 Dredd.
2 Total Recall.
3 Robocop.
4 Minority Report.
5 Tron.
6 The Machine.
7 Ghost in the Shell.

1 Alias(es) The Emperor.
2 Age. 104 (as of 2023) 158 (as of 2077)
3 Status. Deceased (physically) Dependent (engram)
4 Date of Birth. 1919.
5 Place of Birth. Tokyo, Japan.
6 Date of Death. 2077 (original)
7 Place of Death. Konpeki Plaza, Night City.
8 Home. Tokyo, Japan.