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the best offline free android games

You may find yourself in many situations where offline games can help keep you company. You can be on vacation completely unplugged from the Internet, on a flight without Wi-Fi, on your daily commute to work, etc.

There aren’t many Wi-Fi games that you can play on your Android smartphone to pass the time. Many of us these days cannot even imagine living without the Internet. We expect free Wi-Fi in most public places so we can stay connected.

No one likes burning through mobile data and games can consume it in a heartbeat. You should avoid it and check out some of these great offline games to play on your Android phone.

Top 5 Best Offline Games

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games

Here is the list, but more details have been added about them. When downloading apps, it’s best to download only from the Google Play Store or other trusted Android app stores.

1. Monument Valley

An oldie but a good one, Monument Valley is a clever puzzle game where you interact with each level, tilting it to your will to ensure that your character moves to their desired position to solve the puzzle.

The graphics are slick, the controls are responsive, and the game is challenging. It’s everything a game should be, and it’s perfect for mobile too, thanks to its bite-sized gameplay.

While the license check takes place after installing a game, once you’re connected on your first boot up, you’re good to play without an internet connection, which is why Monument Valley is what it is today. This is a good game to play offline. So if you haven’t experienced this masterpiece yet, isn’t it time to take it for a spin?

2. Asphalt Nitro

Few racing games let you play without any internet connection, and Asphalt Nitro is one of them. One of the most popular mobile racing game that features superior visuals and adrenaline-pumping high-speed action.

Asphalt Nitro is a great choice for all those who want to have fast-paced action to kill boredom. With tons of cars and eight different game modes, from police chase and drift to knockdown and more, this is one of the best offline Android racing games.

3. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is a post-apocalyptic game in which you race to escape a horde of zombies that have taken over the world. You are a survivor, and you must dodge all the undead that are trying to eat you.

The end is always the same, because you cannot survive forever, and in the end you die every time. However, the question remains, how long will you survive before the zombies become the main course on their plate? That’s a big question to answer when crossing the country on a long train ride.

4. Vector

If you like endless runner games like Alto’s Odyssey, you will definitely enjoy Vector. The arcade-style game, which first arrived for Windows platforms in 2012, features parkour silhouettes while crossing obstacles and jumping from building to building.

It is the story of a man who breaks free from a totalitarian world and tries to find freedom, though pursued by “Big Brother” who aims to capture him and make him part of a mindless system.

In the game, you can perform different styles of parkour by giving each one a score. Vector has over 40 challenging levels of which you can access 20 in the free version.

5. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a popular offline Android game, available for free. Gamers who love the arcade game Frogger will find an interesting resemblance to this mobile version of the old favorite. You help a hen cross the road and prepare her well to deal with all the obstacles on the way.

There are over 150 collectible characters, exciting levels, and sometimes you’ll be surprised to see a water body crossing instead of a road. The innovative gameplay is sure to keep you hooked. Are you ready to dodge the traffic and have fun?

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