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Best Minecraft 1.19 Speedrun Seeds To Create a World Record in 2022

Minecraft is the fastest running game in the world. There are many contributing factors to this. It is the success of content creators like Dream that have helped it run fast in the public eye. They bring in new players and require skill and luck.

However, because fast-paced Minecraft is so popular, there is a lot of competition at the highest and entry-level levels. This article dives into five great tips for players who want to start running at a faster pace.

1. Hunt Endermen

Players are required to have Ender Pearls to fortify Ender Eyes, which in turn allows them to explore strongholds containing End Portals. Only by entering those portals can you reach the End to fight the Ender Dragon. For this reason the cultivation of Ender Pearl is very important in Speedrun.

Overall, players can farm Endermen in the Netherlands. This is the easiest way, as they move around a lot in the location and there are no other crowds to distract you. Alternatively, players can ride horses across the desert at night to find the Endermen. Just remember that you also need Blaze Rods from Blaze to make one final eye.

2. Prepare for the End Fight

To defeat the Ender Dragon, you need a bow, about 40 arrows, and 5-6 beds.

Kill spiders to collect spider webs, which you can then turn into strings. Join the string with the sticks to make a bow.

Arrows are made from flint, sticks and feathers. Collect sticks by killing chickens in the village, mining shoal blocks near water, collecting flint, and cutting down trees.

There are two ways to acquire beds:

Dress them up with wool and wooden planks. Get the wool by using scissors to shave the sheep.

Steal them from village houses. Use dynamite to blow up houses and collect beds quickly.

3. Fight the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon battle has two phases. In the first stage, you have to use the bow and arrow to shoot the dragon at the crystal above the pillar to make it fly closer to the ground.

Once you have the dragon in range, quickly leave a bed, and try to sleep again. Trying to sleep in the last dimension will cause the bed to explode and do heavy damage to anything around it. To keep it from harming you, place a random block between you and the bed.

Detonating the bed near the dragon’s head will do the most damage. It usually takes about 5-6 beds to kill a dragon. The race is over once the dragon is dead.

Congratulations, you have completed your first Minecraft speedrun!

4. WORLD RECORD (SEED: 1156391694)

This is the go-to seed that a lot of speedrunners used to achieve the 1% speedrun record. This seed has three blacksmiths and if you know what you are doing, you will get the best results with this seed.

Not all seeds are beginner-friendly and we recommend trying some of the easiest seeds before you try the world record seed to get your fastest run possible.

5. Practice Bucket Falls

The falling strategy in the game is known as MLG bucketing. This is a reference to Major League Gaming. The strategy involves canceling all fall damage using a bucket of water or powdered ice, pouring water or ice under the player as they descend. This cancels out all fall damage and allows players to cover great distances in almost no time.

The biggest issue with the method is that it is a high risk, as sometimes failure to keep the water or ice down is a way of guaranteeing death for both the player and the run. Thus, aspiring speedrunners should make sure to practice the method so that they can do it consistently.

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