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most popular anime in japan of all time

Keeping up with all the anime that airs from Japan season by season is a mission that requires hundreds and hundreds of hours. Weekly we see in the Japanese grid not only episodes of the most famous long-running series such as One Piece or Boruto.

but also many projects of various calibers that compete for the attention and presence of viewers. If you are one of those who honestly search through the best anime lists before you start watching any of them, we bring you some of the most popular anime that have started airing in recent years.

Be it for their quality or for making noise. The series on this list contain the most popular works of the last decade, except for the most famous works of Fantasy. It might be time to give that anime you’ve heard a lot about but never started watching a chance.

The Most Popular Anime in Japan

Do you want to know which is the best anime of all time? Then hold on tight and set because we have compiled a list of the best anime and will share it with you all!

We’ve been enjoying and loving anime since the 1980s when it first gained popularity outside of Japan. And now, after decades of marvels at Japanese animation, here is a list of the top 5 anime series

1. Death Note

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“The person whose name is written in this note will die.” If the premise of Death Note doesn’t catch you immediately, watch a few episodes and you’ll be immediately connected to one of the greatest cat-and-mouse detective stories the world has ever seen.

Even after all these years, anime fans are still arguing about whether Light Yagami is a villain or not, which is a testament to Tsugumi Oba’s ability to create compelling and multi-dimensional memorable characters.

Some say the series falters in the second half, but either way, Death Note is undoubtedly one of the top anime you can watch in 2022, especially if you’re new to the medium.

2. Dragon Ball Z

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dragon Ball Z was a gateway drug for many young anime fans, and for good reason. The series isn’t particularly deep, as it originally revolved around superhuman martial artist Goku and his friends, testing their abilities against an increasingly powerful and outlandish series of enemies.

But what the series lacks in terms of plot, it more than makes up for in humour, devious characters, and incredible action. How can you not have fun with a martial arts fantasy where most of the characters are strong enough to shatter planets with their bare hands?

3. Tokyo Ghoul

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One of the most iconic anime characters of all time is none other than Ken Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul. The story of the One-Eyed Ghoul is indeed a tragedy, but fans admire him for several reasons. Many consider Kaneki to be one of the best anime heroes of all time.

Ken Kaneki is a man of many layers, and equally as many flaws. Kaneki’s journey into Tokyo Ghoul is one of agony, pain and a gruesome, nightmare reality. The series depicts the constant tug of war between Kaneki’s enslaved side as he fights against humanity.

4. One Punch Man

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Whether you’re a fan of anime or not, there’s little chance you haven’t heard of this guy. Known as one of the strongest anime characters in existence, we are talking about Saitama aka One Punch Man. Saitama is the protagonist of the anime called One Punch Man and has personality traits similar to Shigio Kageyama.

However, that’s because both One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are written by the same author ONE. Therefore, you may feel that Saitama’s personality is stale and has no defined emotion. However, when you spend time understanding this person and their traits, things get a lot more interesting.

5. Detective Conan

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

With over a thousand episodes under its belt, over twenty movies, and zero signs of slowing down. There is only one truth, and that is that Conan’s crime-solving adventures are going to outweigh all of us. A national treasure, it has maintained its position as the fourth best-selling manga of all time for the fair.

while it has now sold over 200 million copies. We’re not sure how many more crimes the pint-sized detective can solve by this point, but given that there’s still no end in sight, the anime is bound to continue its steady stream of success.

top 5 best anime movies all time

1 Death Note.
2 One Punch Man.
3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
4 Neon Genesis Evangelion (Series)
5 Bleach. Image Source: Studio Pierrot.

1 Deathnote (2006)
2 Code Geass (2006)
3 Stein’s; Gate (2011)
4 Berserk (1997)
5 Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)
6 Cowboy Bebop (1998)

1 Asuna Yuuki: Sword Art Online.
2 Kaga Kouko: Golden Time.
3 Inoue Orihime: Bleach.
4 Chitoge Kirisaki: Nisekoi.
5 Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown.
6 Kuronuma Sawako: Kimi ni Todoke.