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Splatoon™ 3: Splatfest World Premiere

Gather your paint cans, squid. With Splatoon 3 just around the corner, Nintendo released the most in-depth look at what to expect from the closest thing to an esports the company really still cares about. (Sorry, Smash.) The 30-minute-long presentation covers everything from new weapons to new stages (that’s a paint joke!) and even a rough roadmap for post-launch content updates. also shown. Settled in – there’s a lot of ink to spill.

Squid Kids will have plenty to do in Plattsville. Returning with Splatoon 3 will be the game modes that you loved in previous Splatoon games like Turf War, Tower Control, Rainmaker, Clam Blitz and Splat Zone. The Salmon Run, like Horde Mode, also returns with new salmonid bosses to beat.

Big Man is only hours old, but Deep Cut’s ‘Splatoon 3’ idol is already perfect

Big Man is one of three “statues” that will provide players with important game news in Nintendo’s upcoming Switch sequel, Splatoon 3. Like its two predecessors, the game will introduce a new group of pop singers as the faces of Splatoon.

The Experience, which features an assortment of third-person action, puzzle-solving and competing challenges against the backdrop of a world populated by anthropomorphic sea creatures. Nintendo revealed Big Man, along with his fellow Deep Cut (that’s the band’s name) members Fry and Shiver, ahead of the September 9 release of Splatoon 3 with a massive dump of new information.

We now know how many maps are showing up in the new game (12) and how many new weapons you can expect to find (two, including the “Splatana” sword, all returning to the previous ones), among many other things. Statues play a central role in every Splatfest, with each player coming forward to represent the teams the players want to join.

The first pair of Splatoon games featured only two idols, and their respective Splatfests evenly divided the community between two competing teams, headlined by big one-versus-the-other ideas: Cats vs. Dogs, Pirates vs. Ninjas, Pokémon Red vs. Pokemon Green… you get the idea.

Salmon Run can be played anytime

Splatoon 3 will once again be centered around the city hub, this time the Splatsville lobby. Friends will appear as 3D holograms and you can easily drop them into battle.

Once a team is made, they will have visibility of each other depending on where else they go in the game. And Memory Player will let you relive a recent win or shake your head at your worst loss.

Splatoon 3: How to Download Splatfest Demo

First, download the free Splatoon 3 demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You can do this by visiting the official Nintendo eShop website or directly from your Switch. Once the demo is complete, you’ll have to wait until August 25 to play.

A special tutorial for completing the demo and exploring Splatsville, a small part of the Hub World, will be available. You will need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to play online with the demo. A special code will be emailed to your Nintendo Switch account along with a seven-day free trial for Nintendo Switch Online.

That way, you can try out online fests before subscribing. You can redeem your code in the Nintendo eShop to activate your free trial. You are eligible to participate even if you have previously activated a different free trial.

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