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Top 10 rank push tips for PUBG Mobile Lite players to reach Ace easily

PUBG Mobile is one of the famous war games played by millions of people across the world. The game divides players into different levels using a positioning framework based on points earned while playing the game.

When I was new to this game, at that time I was also struggling to move up my rank after Taj. I was getting minus easily and facing issues to move up the ranks for ace and winner.

But after searching many tips or tricks on youtube and google i found some real ways which help me a lot to increase or advance my rank and by using this methods i am able to run for 2 consecutive season without any problem I am reaching the winner.

How do you push rank from Ace to conqueror in PUBG mobile Lite?

How to reach the highest level in PUBG Mobile Lite? PUBG Mobile Lite has a very interesting level ranking system in which players can rank up as they improve their skills. Currently, the game has the highest winning level. After reaching the PUBG Mobile Ace Tier, players will have to crack the top 500 leaderboard rankings of PUBG Mobile lite to earn the title of PUBG Mobile lite Conqueror.

The tiered structure includes eight positions, which comprehends the ability level of a specific player. The 8 tiers are as follows:

  • Bronze – When a player completes his first mission, which includes five levels, he/she is placed at this level.
  • Silver – When a player completes the next five levels, the person is placed here.
  • Gold– This consists of the next five levels.
  • Platinum– When a player all the 20 levels, including the last three tiers, they are placed here.
  • Diamond– This has another 5 Levels.
  • Crown –There are an additional five tiers here.
  • Ace– This level doesn’t have tiers; it includes those players who have mastered the game.
  • Conqueror – This is the topmost tier of the game.

At the start of each season, PUBG Mobile resets all previous achievements of the player. But, the ranking of the last season gets added to the ranking of the players.

Players can easily pass the levels once they have mastered the game. The ranking given to each player is based on their performance in all previous levels. Therefore, the better you play, the higher your ranking in the tier system.

How can I reach Conqueror in PUBG mobile?

If you believe in brute force action and hardcore killings then you also need to consider the survival time. The rating given to any player is 80% Survival and 20% Kills.

To excel and be a winner, you have to be in the top 10 about 95% of the time. The average survival time has to be increased.

Avoid Sanhok, play Miramar or Erangel

Sanhok games last no more than 20 minutes. If you have that much time to survive, your rating will be lower than that of players who only play Erangel and Miramar.

Of the three maps, Miramar has a longer average match time than Erangel and Sanhok. Miramar’s map is comparatively large and hence, will get a good game rating which will help in reaching the ‘winner’ quickly.

Choose your squad carefully

If you are planning to reach the winner in the team then the first and most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to choose a good team. Players who make the wrong decision can often send you to the lobby. A good clan is always ahead without any strategic planning.

If you want to be the winner with your squad with high kd ratio then of course you have to be very good but reaching the winner with 1 kd is not that hard.

Honestly if you move up your ranks at the beginning of the season it’s tuff cause everyone is good and bad moving that time but as time goes by it becomes easier to move up Because all the good people are already pushed into the higher leagues and the lower leagues.

Full of either noobs or people who don’t play that much or do new things.

So it is not so difficult to reach the winner. It totally depends on what level you want to go. Although you can’t really enter the winning league with a bad or noob play style.

You have to be really good at hitting the ace and then comes the winner who is a bit high.

Don’t worry about all the best and rank. Improve your skills and experience and find good people to play with and sooner or later you’ll enter a handful of leagues.

I will give you a very very simple technique

It affects your K/D ratio, for gameplay use erangel/myanmar map because those two maps are bigger so you have more time to survive and you can get more points on it.

you may encounter some bots in any corner on the map, but those bots aren’t hard to kill, and keep hiding throughout the game if no squad around you tries to shoot place the clams on it so that in the end game you can have a chance to get the chicken or of course you will end up in the top 10 and in the end you can kill at least one bot.

You will get at least 10 to 15 marks then you will definitely reach. But you want to wait longer. If you die in the first circle your score will be reduced from 30 to 40 so play very carefully.

I know it was very boring I have tried this method and reached the crown 1 in the last session. But now I don’t play this type of gameplay and also I haven’t played any rush game, I’m playing natural game.