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pubg new state vs free fire max which is better

What is the difference between Free Fire Max and Pubg New State: Fundamentally, both the games are similar, the difference comes when you look at the cosmetic differences and the specs as well.

Free Fire Max: It’s just Free Fire, but with heavily improved graphics like new animation sounds and a really cool phone to run, even though it only requires 4GB [if I’m not mistaken] It still lags, for example it runs fine in disease 3 but playing at max out setting for long periods of time it will lag as hell
There are also more cosmetics upgrades allocated which are hard to cover in this answer and there is an addition which is the revamped bermuda max map which is exclusive to free fire max

You can still run Free Fire Max in a low end device with at least 3 or 4 GB of RAM and maybe 4 to 6 GB of free storage by reducing graphics and unnecessary animations and more.

And if you can’t play free fire max but your friends are on free fire don’t worry you can still play with them using normal free fire because the server is the same just free fire has higher graphics

What is the difference between PUBG and garena free fire?

PUBG New State:

Pubg new state game is a war game in which a lot of weapons are used. It includes a total of 34 different types of weapons. Free Fire max, on the other hand, has the same types of weapons but their numbers are much smaller.

There is no denying that the PUBG Mobile game is one of the most popular games of all time. In just one year, it became very popular and most played game among the youth.

Free Fire max

Free fire max is a Worldwide Multiplayer game and was created at Unity 3D Gaming Studio. When pubs got banned in India recently and Free fire had a fast chance to grow their community and they did. Now Free fire is the most played game in daily gaming across the world.

Free fire max requires small storage and to run in low RAM this is the most successful advantage of the game. And the developer is working on the vision and resolution.

PUBG New State vs Free Fire MAX: How do the battle royale games compare against each other?

PUBG New State is not an upgraded version of PUBG Mobile at all. The game is a sequel to PUBG Mobile and is set in the future. This includes the presence of additional content and UI in the form of different types of graphics, and various items. Although it will provide less satisfaction, low to mid-end devices can run

Free Fire which features better graphics and smoother gameplay. Free Fire was developed and optimized to allow even low-end devices to run the game. As a result, Free Fire Max is not very compatible with low-end devices.

PUBG New State will have players battling it out in Troi, a new map that will cover 64 square kilometers. In addition to the new map, players will also have access to a new training ground, a death-match map called ‘Station’, and a new Erangel.

One feature that sets Free Fire Max apart from PUBG New State is the Craftland mode. It allows Free Fire Max players to create their own maps. It delegates the reins to the community, ensuring high player participation and satisfaction.

Graphics and art style are another set of differentiating factors when it comes to these games. PUBG New State uses Global Illumination technology for realistic graphics, and provides the players with the feeling of military simulation.

Free Fire Max, on the other hand, has an art style that veers towards the animated and vibrant spectrum. While the graphics are more advanced than its predecessor, it offers a different take on the battle royale genre than PUBG New State.

Free Fire Max is an improved version of Free Fire, and therefore, does not include major changes to the game. The only differences that exist are in graphics and skins, ie visual appearances.

In PUBG New State, developers have added futuristic gadgets like drones and tons of interactable objects to the map. This was done in an effort to enhance the in-game experience and force players to implement new strategies.

The main “thing” is geology, Free Fire has poor geology but very good adaptation, while Pub has rich geology and poor adaptation

In Free Fire you will fight against 49 other players, in Solo Squad or Duo, in PUBG you will play with 99 other players in the same mode.

In PUBG, you get the battle in the arcade mode which has different sub modes like shortmatch, war, sniper training and minzone.

In pubg you get the slogan of winner winner chicken dinner. You get buoy in Free Fire.