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play free online games like minecraft 2022 | Games like Minecraft online

minecraft which is a 2011 games. This game has been more than ten years but its popularity which is not taking the name of stopping, even today more people play minecraft than that time, why is it like this.

If you guys want to know about this, then these Minecraft 6 game high graphics are very ahead in excellent performance. Through these you can know

top games like minecraft for android

1). Eco Global Survival Game Free Download

When you see this game for the first time, you will feel that it is absolutely Minecraft! But here an attempt was made to make the graphics a little more realistic, as in the animated game the name of the game is eco. In the same way, this game is eco friendly. That is, you are taught inside this game, only the humans who play with the seven of the earth.

How many trees do you keep cutting for your needs or you keep spreading garbage around, you know now to stop all those things, in this game you people will live in normal surroundings where you will die right in the company of balance nutritions Will do the right thing And organic things are also going to happen like doing farming and the full feel of minecraft is going to be found here.

2). ark survival evolved

You people must have thought something like this at some point in Minecraft where you people explored on a deserted taku or some deserted place, when some dinosaur looked like a creature, then you will enjoy it a lot.

wish ark survival evolved game will fulfill you, here you will get the complete survival element, but with that you will get creatures like dinosaurs, that means it is fun to play, it becomes double and the graphics from above which are quite amazing have been given. The best thing is that you can run this game even with a pc smartphone.

3). teardown game

When you play this, then you feel like minecraft rpx i.e. here you will get very nice amazing graphics and blocky blocky structure because you know minecraft is made up of blocks from all sides.

But inside this game, open world environment is available, complete freedom is available to drive vehicles, not only vehicles, all types of vehicles will be available and by using it, you can break the house of the neighbor, stealing a big one. Do the proper highest or you can make your own things which you want.

4). Valheim (for PC)

is such a game that ever since it was launched, everyone was very crazy about this game, everyone wants to play this game. After all, what is in this game so let’s talk about it.

valheim is an open world game so many biomes a big map in which maybe you start exploration then it will be over in 70 years well it is going to be a very long time for you and inside this game you get different biomes.

Each biomes will have its own leader, you have to go and kill that leader. Make it a tool weapon for you by breaking it or wood first and here you can do many things for timepass.

5). rust game for android

game Building a house with your friend takes the same element in this game more focus. Rust is a multiplayer survival game that means all the friends will be gathered on an island where you have to survive.

How to survive this hanna break real tuest trees, bring whatever things are found in the surrounding environment, kill them, eat grass, we don’t know, but by doing anything, you should maintain your hanger hust health because if you feel thirsty then you get hungry. If you can’t do anything, then you will get killed and the graphics of the game will be amazing.

6). 7 Days to Die download

to die In this game, you survive inside a randomly generated world where it is very difficult to survive. Now it is completely in the hands of you that how long will you be able to stay here, inside this game, the first shot element survival horror horror is speaking because this world is completely devastated and zombie’s woods attack you.

You will come where you were afraid of zombies in minecraft, they are also going to be more afraid here and there will be a jungle with a whole lot of environment, whose environment is going to give a great experience.