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PUBG Mobile: Here are the 5 best tips to use

PUBG has a huge fan following and most of them are young gamers. PUBG Mobile gives you a platform to earn money and fame.

The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan “Player Unknown” Green for other games, inspired by the 2000 Japanese film, and expands the battle royale into a standalone game under Green’s creative direction.

The online world has turned into battle royale madness, with the launch of some really big games. One of these is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you are having trouble playing pubg then no problem. No one is a supporter from the start. You need to follow these tips and tricks listed below:

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks advanced

PUBG Mobile has evolved a lot since its launch in the year 2018. Now lobbies are getting more efficient competition and it’s getting harder to survive with players improving with game mechanics.

So do you also want to become pro in pubg mobile? For that, you’ll need to know everything a pro does, from basic controls to finding your best gyroscope sensitivity. Read the article to know the best Pro Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile.

1. Scope and cover must be used wisely

Scopes such as the red dot, holographic one, 2x, and 3x should be used at close range, and 4x, 6x, and 8x should be used for an enemy that is more than 100 meters away.

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Now talking about the use of these close-range scopes, these scopes should be used only when the enemy is 50 meters or more than 50 meters away. A player must use hip fire or fire without aim when the enemy is less than 50 meters away or too close.

Opening the scope reduces the player’s movement so aiming can give enemies a chance. Next is a cover, a player must always remember that if he has cover then he has an advantage over it. Therefore, he should try to use the cover as much as possible.

2. Control Recoil

PUBG Mobile has a suitable weapon mechanism; It gives you a realistic feel while firing. It may sound incredible, but recoil kills your accuracy when shooting at a distance.

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There are many ways to control this. If you play with your thumb, shoot with one thumb and pull down the screen with the other. This will help you control withdrawal.

Another great way to control recoil is to add a compensator to your gun; This stabilizes your gun and absorbs most of the recoil. Attach it to your assault rifles and SMGs; You will see the change in the before and after iteration. You can also lie down or lean on the ground while shooting as this also stabilizes your gun.

3. Get A Weapon First

It’s important to keep yourself safe as you start the game to get your loot.

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The very first thing you want after landing in any location is to loot instead of going to those places without weapons. In PUBG Mobile, the last person (or team) wins the game, but if you want to survive, you’ll have to loot.

First things first, loot as soon as you land so you have at least one weapon on hand. Once you’ve got it, you’ll want medics, or healing items, Kevlar, and a helmet. Even if you find the pistol in the beginning, pick it up to stay alive.

4. Disable auto pick up

On the default mode in PUBG Mobile, you avatar will pick up on almost everything that comes your way.

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However, the conditions at hand are not evaluated algorithmically, so it’s better to have control over what you’re picking. For example, you might be in the middle of a close-range gunfight and accidentally run into some bandages lying around.

In the auto pick up setting, your character will first stop shooting to pick up those supplies and you can run out. Avoid this by disabling the Auto Pick-up feature in the Settings menu.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Practice is what you’ll need most to step up your game, but you shouldn’t limit yourself here. Try to take each game as seriously as if it were a championship final (without letting go of rage if you definitely lose).

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For this, don’t just play with your team members. You can all be aware of your individual roles, so it’s easier to settle into a routine. Change things up by practicing yourself in team mode, and learn how to properly use audio cues to communicate.

Additionally, try practicing in Arcade Mode and War Mode as well. The former, with restrictions like its smaller play area or sniper-only battles, will help you hone your skills over time.

Likewise, Battle Mode diverts attention from running around and ambushing and instead throwing you into high-pressure bullets with enemies over and over again.

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1. Effects: Ultra.
2. Textures: Ultra. .
3. Shadows: Very Low/Low.
4. Post Processing: Very Low/Low.
5. Anti-Aliasing: Ultra. Visual Impact: Moderate.

1. Using a comfortable sensitivity.
2. Ensuring that the sensitivity is correct for the situations you’ll face in-game.
3. Remaining consistent across all titles you play.
4. Setting up your mobile phone for gaming.

1. Camera: 120-150%
2. TPP:110-120%
3. FPP:100-105%