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PUBG Maps: Find Best Loot Places And Best Places to Landing

Battleground Mobile India and pubg mobile or popularly known as BGMI is one of the best and most popular battle royale game in India. Now Crafton, the developer of BGMI, has launched the much awaited Vikendi map on BGMI to make the gameplay more interesting.

With the new map you’ll find new weapons and vehicles like the G36C, Zima and Snowbike. Vikendi Map was available on the original PUBG Mobile but that game was banned in India last year.

This is the reason why Crafton launched BGMI in India, and to get that basic feeling for the players, the developers have launched their classic Vikendi map.

PUBG loot locations – where to find the best loot on Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi

Vikendi is a folder in PUBG. Unlike Erangel or Sanhok, this map doesn’t offer a lot of grass for gaming worms. You might not be a barbarian when playing Vikendi as the map is full of wide open spaces. Immediately we go to the discussion below.

pubg mobile map erangel

PUBG’s Erangel is the game’s first playable map, laid out on an 8km X 8km grid, which makes it four times bigger than the recently released Sanhok map. With such a large playing area, one can strategize their fall to maximize their survival during the initial stages of the game. Additionally, one can occasionally use vehicles to traverse this beautiful map.

Georgopol and Novorepnoye:

they are docks. These two locations have the best loot in the Erangel map. You are more likely to find a level 3 helmet/vest/bag, sniper rifle and scope at these two locations than at other locations in the Erangel map.

Also be careful! Both these places attract the largest number of players. So if you don’t get the guns quickly upon landing, chances are you’ll be dead within five minutes.

Sosnovka Military Base: This is one of the places where you can find the best loot. The military base also attracts a large number. Number of players, but as there is more cover, it is safer than the above mentioned places. The catch is that due to the huge grass cover it is also a haven for prone players.

School: School used to be the most popular place for players when PUBG Mobile was launched (now surpassed above mentioned places). It’s still a good place for loot, but the loot quality is midlevel.

Pochinki / Lipovka / Rozhok / Yasnaya Polyana / Primorsk / Severny / Mylta:

these are the main cities of the Erangel map. Pochinki used to go to the players’ destination for landing, but nowadays comparatively few players go there. These cities are good places for mid-level loot, with lots of cover. Look for warehouses and restaurants (buildings with glass walls) for the best loot.

Prison/Mansion/Farm: These three locations have comparatively less loot than the above locations, but good enough loot for a squad or two.

Mylta Power/Small Mylta Power: Although small in size, these two locations contain high quality loot.

Shelter: This is an underground structure and is difficult to identify. This place has high quality loot.

pubg mobile map sanhok:

Bootcamp: Bootcamp is the favorite place of most of the PUBG players. This place has a lot of high quality loot. If you don’t find guns quickly enough, you’ll soon meet your end because there are a large number of players landing there.

Paradise Resort/Ruins: Both are among the best places in Sanhok for loot. Personally, I prefer both of these places for bootcamp. Lots of high quality loot.

Camp Alpha/Camp Bravo/Camp Charlie: These locations are military camps with heavy loot, but moderate loot quality.

Pai Naan / Warehouse near the mine: There is a good amount of loot in both these places. Pai Naan has too many buildings to take cover so is safer than Quarry, which has less cover.

Docks/Lakawi/Mongnai and other places near the sea: All these places have a good amount of loot. They also attract fewer squads. So if you want to get enough loot before engaging enemies, get down there.

pubg mobile map vikendi

Cosmodrome/Cement Factory: The two most favorite locations by players in the Vikendi map. They tend to have high quality loot and therefore attract the most squads. There aren’t many places you can take cover, so they’re also very dangerous.

Villa/Abbey/Mount Krejnik/Winery/Castle: These places have great quality loot, although small in size. Less space to take cover, so be prepared to face off against rival squads.

Cantra/Volnova/Movatra/Dobro Mesto/Goroka/Krichas: Major cities in Vikendi map. Loot quality can vary from city to city, with Dobro Mesto and Goroka being the favorite spots of many players. There are a lot of buildings, so one can easily take cover.

pubg mobile loot map

Quickly land, a gun, bandages (first aid kit even better), grenades, a vest and helmet, and hide. Go to the balconies and try to shoot people down. Use level three items like bats to trap enemies and kill them as quickly as possible. Check out mini-maps frequently for nearby enemies. Listen for footprints and shots. When shot, shoot back and run. Find and secure a car nearby.

Best guns to use: Assault rifles, shotguns, pistols.

Best loot to pick up: First aid kit (1-3), bandages (5), backpack/helmet/armor (as high level as possible), energy drink/painkiller (1-3), pan, flare gun/ Flair (as much as possible, but don’t use it unless you’re sure no one is around), Frag Grenade / Molotov Cocktail / Smoke Grenade / Flash Grenade (1-3).

Best Vehicles to Look for: SUV, Dacia, UAZ (Don’t be satisfied with Ronnie. They suck like muscle cars compared to Dacia. Dacia is almost unstoppable when it comes to crashing stuff at high speeds and tough turns There is less chance of falling into trees while doing this.)

What are tips and tricks can you give for playing PUBG Mobile?

Peak n Fire: Newbies often neglect this feature, but this feature is very important. Your entire body including the vest is protected.

Lay/crouch, then loot: After killing the enemy, many people stand up and start looting. As they leave the room, they select objects to throw. And then they collect other items like grenades, molotovs etc. Trust me, it is very dangerous if this happens around buildings and even in open grassland. Many players use this trick to lure in other enemies.

1 vs 4: At the very beginning, if you’ve robbed the first building but are suddenly surrounded by a squad, choose a good position and wait for them (only if you have SMG or AR). It is very possible that some fool will definitely come to see your face. hit him well.

Then rob his crate If another man comes, kill him too. Look around a bit If other members are not around, you can leave. With this trick, you’ll never end up like 100/100 XD

Take at least 1 gas can: It’s really easy But make sure, as soon as you find a reliable vehicle, refill the tank as soon as possible in order to loot properly. I was going through the forest on my bike in solitude. When I was too close to bootcamp, I had run out of fuel. I was stabbed within the very next minute.

Don’t move too much in the last circle: To look around, you can use the small eye button. In such a dire situation, you will have to pay for a small wrong movement.

Avoid pistols: There are many players who carry pistols with them even knowing that they are not going to use them in the next 30 minutes. You will never run out of ammo that you have to rely on pistols. Besides, it can also save some space in your bag.

Unfollowing Before Landing: It is common to initially follow your teammates when choosing a place to land. Although the host can successfully jump onto the roof of a building, teammates will land a few meters away.

So once the location is decided, choose your own building or house and choose the land completely on your own. But make sure you’re not too far away from teammates, which will make it harder for them to revive you.

M16A4: Many players neglect this AR a lot because you can’t use it for sprinkling. However, when equipped with a suppressor, single mode firing, and a good scope, this AR becomes a sniping beast. The sound of ‘Bulik Ballik’ is a bit weird, but trust me, it’s quite deadly! I have eluded many Kar98k users with this bad boy. You try it.

Just SMG Things – Vector: I’ve heard that some players have had a hard time with UMP9, probably because of its backlash. UZI, although being extremely lethal, does not support extended sights of any kind and therefore almost no one uses it for a full 30 minutes. Same goes for Thomson SMG. But we’ve got the vector.

If you check its statistics in the Arsenal section, it has a range slightly lower than the UMP9. But it doesn’t really matter. As with almost all attachments, it gets really, really plausible. I have also freed AKM users from the possibility of war. It’s high firing speed and almost no recoil gives it a decent advantage.

clock speed: When jumping off the plane move at 10′o’ clockwise the speed becomes 234km/h so landing first and getting good booty first. Special thanks to Ansh Bhardwaj, who suggested this trick.

Which is a better map in PUBG: Sanhok or Erangel?

PUBG Erangel Best Start Location:

Military Base – You’ll almost always find the best loot in the game here, but that’s how almost always most people. If it’s down the flight path, expect to fight (and die). If not, it’s often worth a quick trek in a vehicle to rob it in peace, but beware the bridge trolls (people waiting for you on bridges) if the white circle isn’t kind! Three big buildings are the best loot in a U-shaped house, but you’ll do well everywhere.

Mylta Power – This is an excellent location if it’s on the edge of the flight path. Top level loot, especially in the main green building and surrounding warehouses, and is enough for a full squad. Just be aware that you almost always need a vehicle to get to the first circle.

Small Mylta Power – To the west of Mylta Power is another, smaller plant consisting of a main building. You’ll find very high quality loot here, but in very small numbers, so it’s better for singles and doubles than squads

Schools and Hospitals – both have a large amount of loot, but have a more than moderate level in quality. The school is currently the most popular place to drop off, so expect to almost always fight and die if you go there. The hospital is a great scourge. It’s on the edge of your border.

Georgopol crates – large crates in the north of the mountains and south of the river, and warehouses around them contain very high quality loot, but are often contested upon arrival by plane.

If you can land nearby and drive there it’s a better bet, as combat can be tough. Be sure to climb on top of the crate for the best loot, but beware that you are also very exposed!

Prison, Mansion and Bunker – a trio of good quality, good sized places to loot, each has enough for a full squad, but there’s also heavy competition each down the flight path. They make good destinations when you can get there safely, or if you fancy yourself in a scrap.

Large cities – such as Novorppony, Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, and Severny – all make great places for loot, but are all dangerous. Look out for warehouses, cafes and restaurants (glass-fronted, angular buildings) and churches for high concentrations of the best loot.

PUBG Sanhok Best Start Locations

Three mini military bases can be found in similar positions to the east, west and south of the island – Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie – and they all play out the same way: chaotic if there is a direct flyover, slightly less chaotic if planes. and is far away. Note that loot is as good, if not better, on the roofs of structures as it is inside.

Ruins – A really cool little maze of tunnels and rooms full of high class (Level 3) loot. There is also some idle loot on the pillars around the outside, if the middle one also contests.

Mongnai – This area in the very north-east corner of the map is a nice little secret that looks like a coconut field. We got a Level 3 vest and M24 in one go here. Loot is sparse but of high quality, and can be found throughout plantations as well as a handful of buildings.

Paradise Resort and Bootcamp – both are big, mid, high-density areas and if you’ve played PUBG a lot you’ll know the meaning. Absolute carnage, but lots of loot. While some practice is good for play or goal practice, not so much for actually winning a round.

Docks – A smaller version of Erangel’s Novoporony, the docks are full of climbable shipping containers with lots of loot on them – but beware that it moves slowly and exposes you, though by the time we get from there Till the time I landed, I have been quite calm.

Mines – It wouldn’t be PUBG without mines, but it’s actually flooded. Very high quality loot but it extends. Great for a squad, look for mountable rectangular blocks on groups for the highest loot density, and beware of vantage points that look at you from all angles as you clean up.

Mountaintop Ruins – A very small group of ruins that are essentially one of two smaller buildings shaped like those outside pillars and warehouses. Loot is average but rarely fought, and it gives you a great vantage point from the highest part of the map. Be careful not to get caught in the rocks as you try to descend!

Pontoons – The various shore pontoons (what we call those little structures that jut out to sea over little jetty bridges) actually have some pretty cool loot, especially if you’ve got a half dozen of them and the surroundings alone. Can clean buildings. Just be careful not to get caught on the edge of the map when the blue area starts coming in.