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What PC game has the most realistic graphics?

We picked 10 games that perfectly show the power of tricked-out PC gaming setups. You’ll need a heavy rig to play most of the titles below, let alone run them at optimal settings.

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1. Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Husts your graphics card and your processor. It’s a beautiful game, with great lighting and reflection techniques to bring a high level of realism to each level of the game, and there’s a lot of complex simulation going on – physics simulations, complex AI, and everything in between.

Most games lean heavily on one component or another, but Hitman 3 emphasizes everything. It’s not just demanding of it, either – IO Interactive includes a wealth of graphics options to optimize your performance.

The game now supports DLSS and FSR as well. Along with them, Hitman 3 supports ray tracing, but you should probably turn it off. The game itself sounds great, and the ray tracing doesn’t add much.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator released in August 2020, and lets players explore the world at a time when much of the world was in lockdown. Asobo Studio’s game features an incredible rendering of Earth thanks to data from Bing Maps, which lets players fly over some of the most iconic locations around the world.

The game’s rendering of Earth is the main selling point for many players. But for others, the flight controls are also a treat for anyone seeking an authentic, immersive experience.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Which is the most realistic looking game? Many people often set their minds to the next generation of console titles.

However, sometimes the credit is due to developers who can use the limited resources of smartphone GPUs to create a game that is more photorealistic than the vast majority of console content out there.

We’re of course talking about Call of Duty Mobile, an award-winning FPS that shows just how far iOS games have come, and how many great games can be found on mobile now.

It’s an online first-person shooter that maximizes the hardware range of smartphones with great results

4. Cyberpunk 2077

This may seem like a controversial entry, given the enormous problems experienced by players and the overworked devs of this famously buggy game.

However, for people playing cyberpunk on a super-upped gaming PC or next-gen console, most of the bugs have been ironed out and what’s left is the city of the truly immersive and photorealistic future that the developers originally intended. was.

Sky City is a beauty to behold, when everything is working correctly. It’s something that seems equally outlandish and terrifyingly plausible as the future of urban life, which is exactly what makes cyberpunk one of the most realistic games we’ve ever played.

5. The Last of Us: Part Two

Just when we thought the first one couldn’t be topped, comes the sequel that garnered every gaming award in existence and was immediately subject to a bidding war over the movie rights. The Last of Us: Part Two has all the same great ingredients as its predecessor.

A terrifying post-apocalyptic world filled with fungus-infested zombies, horrifyingly believable characters, and unforgettable vistas of a world that suddenly, terrifyingly moved to the edge of a cliff.

What makes this sequel stand out is the phenomenal realism. The graphics and the haunting world it presents is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, which only adds to the pure horror of this stealthy existential horror.

The series is produced by Naughty Dog, a rapidly growing competitor to Rockstar for its commitment to rendering photorealistic in-game worlds, and ensuring only the most realistic games out of the studio. Is.

TLOU2 makes extensive use of motion capture technology from the actors hired to play the roles, meaning any movement you see in the cut scene is real.

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog actually flew to Seattle (where the game is set) and spent months before starting development, capturing every building and surface to ensure the most realistic depiction of the city.

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