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GTA Online: Top 5 most popular weapons in the history of the GTA series 

Today’s information is going to be very important for GTA players, today we will talk about which are the best guns in GTA and how you can use them, we will talk about all the things. If you want to increase skills in GTA game, then you must have knowledge about weapons, only then your gaming skills will improve, so without any delay, you know about all weapons.

1). GTA best pistol

The best pistol in GTA is Up-N-Atomizer, you will be able to use this gun very easily, this gun is also called GTA players alien gun. A powerful web emerges out of this gun, so that you will be able to overcome many things remotely with the help of this powerful web.

This gun is liked by many GTA players, so this gun is very famous in GTA.

2). heavy revolver MK2

revolver MK 2 This gun does a lot of damage, you will defeat the man sitting in the car very easily with this gun, you can kill one shot very easily with this gun.

3). Combat Mg Mk1

You can use this gun in close proximity, this gun will make you much easier to fight, this gun is very much liked in GTA

4). special carbine gun

With this gun, you will be able to kill the distant enemy as well and this gun gives you a good way to kill the distant target. This gun is the best of the long range guns

5). Heavy Sniper gun

This gun is best for sniping, you will be able to sniping very well with this gun and 3 bullets come out simultaneously, so it is easy for you to kill the enemy.

how to make money online GTA 5 online

A GTA player has to earn a lot of money in GTA, for this, many new players keep looking for new ways, buying a lot of things with money is the hobby of many players.

The first step is quite simple, you just have to do bounty hunter and whatever reward you have on it, if there is a bounty on a person in your GTA, then you have to kill him and the reward you have placed on him is all yours.

Another way to earn money in GTA is to setup your businesses and manage them well, after the business has grown, you have to sell them and you will make a lot of profit, this is a very good way in GTA to earn money fast.

The third way is you have to do casino missions, after doing all the casino missions, you will get 1M dollar and get a car, it is a very good way to earn money in GTA. In this you have to complete the mission very well and you will get a lot of money.

The fourth way is to join the events of triple money double money loses, in this you will get a lot of money, these are all the jobs that get a lot of money, many jobs are launched every week, join whatever you like from it and earn a lot of money

The fifth way is to import and export a car, in this you also get a very good commission and you will be able to do this work very easily, this job can prove to be very good for you, in this field you get a lot of money.

There are six ways to kill high rank players and name all their income sources, there can be many businesses in this and you have to understand all of them well and handle them, in this you do not have a cool bill to invest money. you will have a lot of money