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Top 5 tuner car mods for GTA 5 in 2022

One of the most loved DLC for GTA Online is Los Santos Tuner, as it has attracted a lot of GTA Online drivers due to its remarkable collection of tuner automobiles.

The update introduced 17 tuner vehicles to GTA Online, and brought along each a Los Santos tuner update. Sports vehicles make 12 of these tuners. In addition, there are two muscle cars, two sedans, two coupes, and one more tuner, giving players plenty of options to choose from.

Unfortunately, none of these cars are available in GTA 5, so to correct this disparity, GTA 5 players can install the Tuner Car mod in their game. For those purposes, this article will recommend five of the best tuner mods for GTA 5.

Tuner mods result in some of the most realistic-looking cars in GTA 5

Comet S2 (123 mph)

The Pfister Comet S2 is a sports car that got a tuner update. Overall, it performs very well in races, with great acceleration, speed and braking power. It can also compete with stock cars in the Super class, as it is able to maintain them through stability through corner entry and corner exit. This is why the Comet S2 is the best tuner car in the game.

However, despite having excellent traction, the Comet S2 avoids what is called a “pendulum effect” from rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive vehicles. This allows players to rotate continuously to drift.

Dominator ASP (119 mph)

The vehicle is primarily based on the 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R and is the predecessor to the Vapid Dominator. It has very high speed and top speed to rival few vehicles in sports class. However, the best part of the Dominator ASP is its strong grip – unlike other muscle cars, it doesn’t lose traction at high-speed cornering.

However, its brakes are slightly below average. It takes a longer distance to stop the vehicle in a straight line and sometimes the brakes can be locked.

Jester RR (125 mph)

The Dinka Jester RR is a 3-door liftback coupe based on the fifth generation Toyota GR Supra (J29/DB). It has good top speed and good acceleration. Handling is decent, with the ability to preserve some traction around corners. Steering is very responsive.

However, the Jester RR can easily oversteer, which takes some time for the driver to get used to. That’s why the car is only at fifth place in this list.

Übermacht Zion Classic

Standard Price: $812,000

“There’s no denying it. Something magical happened in the ’80s. It’s not just that their hair was more voluminous, their chorus flashy, their spandex tighter and their glutes perkier. It’s that they’re all in their sixties now. The decade is in, and their hair is still in bloom, their chorus is still catchy, their spandex still tight, and their glutes still perky. And whatever they’re taking, the Zion Classic takes twice the dose. Has been.” – Southern SA Super Autos

With over seventy-five customization options, bermacht Zion Classic offers a player a lot to choose from. Customize everything from one bumper to another. This car is also relatively cheap and will drive a player only around eight lakhs.

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