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The 10 Best Vampire Anime of All Time

Vampire stories have haunted humans for centuries. From folktales to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, through classics like the Lost Boys, Buffy, and Interview with the Vampire, the bloodsucker’s terrifying ghost is one of pop culture’s favorite monsters. However, it’s not just the live-action that’s having all the fun.

In the realm of anime, there are a ton of great Vampire Tales. From Monster High School to the reluctant vampire hero, from historical horror to downright Dracula-influenced, anime is some of our favorite vampire shows and movies.

So we are here to list down ten best vampire anime ever for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to revisit some classics, find some new favourites, and maybe even hit a little blood-drenched nostalgia!

1. Vampire Princess Miyu (1997)

Do atmospheric and old school words excite you? Then move Vampire Princess Miu to the top of your viewing list. This haunted slowborn anime series focuses on the ethereal lead bloodsucker. But unlike your usual vampires, Miyu is a Daywalker, allowing her to go to school as perfect cover for her activities as a hunter of the violent demons known as Shinma.

Inspired by the 1988 OVA of the same name, this is the kind of chilling series that has monsters you’ll never forget, a mysterious tone that never gives up, and iconic ’90s character designs that’ll make you feel like you’re still alive. Too late to watch anime as a kid. Basically, it’s a spooky, action-packed nostalgia bomb that you need to revisit as soon as possible.

2. Bakemonogatari (2009)

The Monogatari light novel series, written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Wofan, has long been delighting vampire fans, not least because they inspired this fascinating 15-episode series and its sequels.

The experimental and abstract anime adaptation takes an unusually artistic approach to serving fans, merging it with introspection and thoughtful character interactions.

It’s hard to explain the plot in one, but let’s say it involves a banana peel, a crab, a weightless woman, and a cured vampire. While the unusual narrative style and multimedia animation may put some people off, Baekmonogatari is one of the most beautifully realized vampire anime series. It’s also ahead of its time visually, with a 2009 release date far more contemporary than you’d think.

3. Rosario + Vampire (2008)

When Tsukune’s father gets drunk and manages to enroll her at Yokai Academy, no one is concerned, despite the ominous name. Even when it comes to the Halloween-themed world, he worries more about how many beautiful girls there are, rather than some of them calling themselves vampires.

This hilarious harem anime follows a singular human student as he comes to terms with the fact that he is in a school for demons. Charming and funny, Akihisa Ikeda’s Rosario + Vampire is a one-of-a-kind fantasy comedy anime that’s perfect for those who like their vampires with a little less gore and some more laughs. Also, if you’re interested in stories of powerful people, Sukune’s harem is filled with superpowerful girls. wonderful!

4. Blood-C (2011) Places A High School Girl In A False Reality

Though this anime is part of the Blood franchise released by Production I.G. it has no relation to the earlier Blood+. Actually, it’s far darker than that 2005 series. Additionally, the show’s twist throws the life of protagonist Saya Kisaragi into a tailspin.

Saya has a Buffy vibe to her. By day, she’s a high school student. By night, she battles creatures that feed on human blood called Elder Bairns. As these monsters begin to attack in the daytime, Saya realizes something isn’t right with her environment. Turns out (spoiler alert) she’s actually an Elder Bairn herself living in a fake reality.

5. Karin (2005) Is A Reverse Vampire

The protagonist of the series, also known as Chibi the Vampire, Karin Maka, is the middle child in a family of vampires. However, she doesn’t act like a normal representative of the undead. She goes out during the day, goes to high school, and looks at herself in the mirror.

Truth be told, she doesn’t even bite humans to take their blood. She overdoes it, to the point where she starts bleeding nose. It gets worse when a new transfer student, Kenta, joins the race for his blood. Needless to say, Karin is a coming-of-age romantic comedy about a teenage vampire.

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