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Top 5 rarest items to get in Minecraft

Minecraft items are the basic building blocks for any crafting that players may attempt.

Here are some of the rare items in minecraft that players can find that can be collectible or used in some unique crafting recipe. Crafting in Minecraft is one of the basics that players need to do when starting the game.

As crafting progresses, so do the techniques and items that players possess. These in turn require some special items that players can find somewhere in the dimensions of Minecraft.

Top 5 rarest items

Those who want to try out all kinds of blocks and craft everything possible should make sure to keep an eye out for a select few items that will give the player insane abilities or lead to a recipe.

1. Conduit

This rare underwater implement gives a lot of boons when deployed in water deep enough to completely submerge a player (3×3 blocks of water). It provides the ability to breathe underwater within a wide range of deployment sites, mine rapidly when submerged, and vision that can penetrate dark waves.

It can also hurt enemies within the same range for two hearts damage every two seconds. It would be difficult to achieve these incredible abilities, however, it is also quite difficult to get hold of the two ingredients required to prepare it.

In addition to Heart of the Sea, the player will need eight Nautilus Shells, which are items that can be found while fishing, although not very often.

2. Mob heads

In Minecraft survival, players can get the heads of five mobs: Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Ender Dragon and Wither Skeleton. It is very rare to get each of these mob heads. The Ender Dragon’s heads are attached to the end of the ships in the End dimension.

To get a Creeper, Zombie, or Skeleton head, players will need a charged Creeper. When all three of these mobs die from the explosion of a charged creeper, they drop their heads.

For a withered skeleton skull, players have a 2.5-5.5% chance of getting it by killing a withered skeleton. Players can also achieve this using charged vines, but teleporting withered skeletons or charged vines can be hectic.

3. Beacon

Beacon is a major endgame item that needs to be crafted from another rarity: the Nether Star, dropped by Wither once defeated.

Beacons are powerful blocks that provide a sphere of influence once placed below and surrounded by full ore blocks. They’re great to plop in the middle of a Minecraft base for added protection.

Beacons are somewhat complex blocks and it takes a lot to actually install one as well as get enough resources for one. To learn how to make one and use one, visit our dedicated Complete Beacon Guide.

4. Nether Star

The Nether Star is a rarity that takes several steps to obtain. To receive a Nether Star, players must first summon, then kill a wither.

While there is no limit to how many Withers can be summoned (and therefore no limit to Nether Stars), killing a Wither is not easier and harder than killing an Ender Dragon. Also, it takes a lot of time to collect the items needed to summon a Wither.

Summoning a Wither requires three Wither Skulls, which are a rare drop item at only a 2.5% drop rate. Despite all the work, getting the Nether Star is worth it because it is used to craft Beacon, which provides useful status effects for players.

5. Music Disc

There are 13 unique music discs in Minecraft. Each of them has a unique melody and colorful appearance.

Furthermore, their numbers range from joyful sounds to ominous melodies and even jazz tracks. You can play music only after placing these discs in the jukebox.

You can find these beautiful songs in woodland mansions, dungeons, buried treasure and Bastion relics in chests. As they are top tier items from every true collector, it goes without saying that music discs are a top entry in the top 5 rarest items in Minecraft.

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1 Dragon Egg.
2 Diamond Ore.
3 Emerald Ore.
4 Pink Wool.
5 Bee Nest.
6 Gold Block.
7 Bone Block.
8 Blue Ice.

Here are the top three rare fishes that players can find in Minecraft.
1 Lukewarm Ocean.
2 Deep Lukewarm Ocean.
3 Warm Ocean.

1 Smite.
2 Knockback.
3 Fire Aspect.
4 Looting.
5 Sharpness.
6 Sweeping Edge.
7 Unbreaking.