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TOP 5 best Steel-type Pokemon, ranked

We’ve wrapped up the Pokedex in our bid to find the best of the best. But we have a few types left to go. This time around, we’re picking through the steel types.

Forged in fire (or something like that) and master of defense, you’d think the steel types would be equally good for tanking and not much else.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth, as our list of the 5 Best Steel Type Pokémon reveals. As always, we are not including Mega Evolution or Legendary Pokémon.


1. Escavalier

Escavalier, a fifth-generation insect that may have been knighted at some point in a past life, is a strange Pokémon. It evolves from Karrablast, not Shellmate, with the two Pokémon swapping designs as they evolve.

It’s a strange, yet powerful bug and steel-type Pokémon, which is incredibly useful for resistances: Esvalier is only weak to fire. It’s too weak to fire, yes, but having only one weakness is a huge boon for any Pokemon.

The Escavalier has a great combination of stats, combining very good defense and special defense with an excellent base attack of 135. All of this makes Escavalier a good Pokémon for almost any situation and a great opener for most battles.

2. Bisharp

Bisharp is a physically aggressive steel-dark type of Pokémon and is seen in the anime battling hard and well under Georgia, Hedayu, and several other trainers.

However, the anime’s standout Bisharp performance is that of Ellen, who defeated Ash in the finals of the Lumios Conference in Kalos. The Bisharp of Ellen shows just how capable he is in the heat of battle by eliminating Havlucha and Gudra before finally losing Ash to Greninja.

After this strong performance, Bisharp should arguably be used by more trainers in the anime, as its potential was evident in this fight for all to see.

3. Aegislash

Ageslash suffered nerfs in Gen 8, reducing his BST to 520 and weakening his King’s Shield technique. Nevertheless, he is a wonderful warrior who changes his stats using the Stance Change ability.

He is in offensive blade form when he attacks, but reverts to defensive shield form when performing the King’s Shield. And even with its nerf, the King Shield is useful,

not only letting Ageslash change its stance but also blocking all non-positional moves that divert the opponent’s physical attack in one step and release if They make contact.He has more weaknesses than some steel-types in four, but no quads and he compensates with three immunity.

4. Meltan

Most people love little things; Size clearly matters when it comes to finding things adorable, and that couldn’t be more true with Meltan.

However, it’s certainly not just the small size of this Pokémon that wins any player over, but the way it’s designed. With a pretty body, short red tail, and tiny little arms, Melton looks like a hex nut, which isn’t really something that people would associate with being cute.

But, when combined with that adorable body and big wide eye inside the actual hex nut, fans can’t argue with the fact that it’s easily one of the cutest steel-types out there.

5. Excadrill

It’s a drill! It’s a mole! No, it’s Pokemon! Excadrill, to be exact. Resembling a large mole with razor sharp drill bits instead of claws and attached to its head, the Excadrill is, appropriately, a ground/steel type.

Unlike most steel types, Excadrill is more aggressively focused and is sharper than average. Unfortunately, it has the trade-off that its security is quite weak.

But, with powerful ground-type moves and its powerful claws, Excadrill hits so fast and fast that taking hits isn’t such a big problem, especially since one of its abilities doubles its speed in sandstorms.

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