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Top 5 best Mario Games That you Need To Be play

Mario is one of the most recognizable classical characters of all time. He is a huge part of everyone’s childhood and remains in our lives as adults, and now the new generation of gamers.

Sometimes we forget about new games because we love old school classics and don’t want them to be ruined for us, especially with remakes.

However, the ones that are now available on Nintendo Switch are amazing too! Here are the top five best Mario games to play at your next Mario party:

1. Super Mario Bros. 2

While many gamers consider it the black sheep of the original Mario trilogy, it does have its moments.

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While it’s essentially a revamped version of Doki Doki Panic, it still feels like a real Mario game, and it’s impossible to say it isn’t enjoyable.

Not only that, it was one of the first Mario games to feature multiple player characters with multiple modes of play. After all, variety is the spice of life. This game definitely deserves some credit where credit is due.

2. Super Mario Maker 2

It may not be a traditional Mario adventure, but this spectacular sequel takes three decades of iconic platforming history and puts it directly under your creative control.

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A community of fan-made levels prove that Mario is the closest thing LittleBigPlanet has ever gotten to lifeblood.

Nintendo also offers a refreshingly inventive campaign that serves as both a rewarding, bespoke slice of single-player 2D Mario action and a perfect tutorial for the game’s intuitive level-creating tools.

3. Super Mario 3D Land

What if 3D Mario played like 2D? This has been a question since the secret levels of Super Mario Sunshine, and 3D Land was Nintendo’s first answer.

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The isometric perspective allowed Nintendo to fully utilize the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D capabilities, enhancing platforming for anyone who bothers to bump up to 3D effects. The raised platform at the back will be pulled forward, introducing depth perception to a Mario game.

The rest of the title is surprisingly bare-bones, making it easy for lapsed Mario fans to pick up on and understand. It is also home to the best Bowser fight in the series.

4. Super Mario Sunshine

After Super Mario 64 introduced Mario to the 3D platforming genre in such gorgeous fashion, it was a tall order for Nintendo to live up to that release.

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While Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube was imaginative, colorful, and cleverly designed, many disapproved of F.L.U.D.D. Mechanics very different from what fans want from the Super Mario series.

Because of this, Super Mario Sunshine may be the most divisive entry in the history of the series.

5. Super Mario Galaxy

With Mario Galaxy, devs dare to venture beyond the tested waters and give classic Mario games a galactic makeover.

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The 2007 title was absolutely gorgeous and carefully crafted. The Red Hat Plumber can move up, down, around the planets, and even move around. It was also the game that introduced us to Star Pointer and many great tricks.

Mario Galaxy was so successful that the developers decided to make a sequel. PS You can’t call yourself a Mario fan if you haven’t played it.

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1 Apex Legends – 24.8 GB.
2 GTA Trilogy – 25.4 GB.
3 L.A. Noire – 27.4 GB.
4 NBA 2K19 – 31.5 GB.
5 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 31.5 GB.
6 DOOM Slayers Collection – 32.2GB.
7 NBA 2K20 – 32.9 GB.
8 NBA 2K21 – 39.4 GB.

1 Koopa Troopa.
2 Boo.
3 Piranha Plant.
4 Chain Chomp.
5 Goomba.

1 Super Mario Sunshine (16 1/2 Hours)
2 Super Mario Galaxy (15 Hours)
3 Super Mario Galaxy 2 (13 Hours)
4 Super Mario 64 (13 Hours)
5 Super Mario Odyssey (12 1/2 Hours)
6 Super Mario 3D World (10 1/2 Hours)