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Top 10 Most Uplifting Anime Series, Ranked

Anime can be very inspiring and uplifting when the audience needs it the most. While most people would expect the medium to be filled with nothing but strong characters, constant battles, and even amusing social commentary, there are plenty of light-hearted series to enjoy.

Anime is one of the best forms of entertainment to be used as a distraction during trying times. Many characters can teach important life lessons, and viewers can relate to their struggles. Some uplifting anime series send only positive messages, while others are so funny that they take the viewer’s mind off of anything that might stress them out.

Kamisama Kiss Is A Comedic Shojo Anime With A Lovable Cast

It’s very hard to dislike any of the characters from the divine comedy anime Kamisma Kiss. Although it started with a fairly common premise, it turned out to be surprising, and there is no shjo series quite like it.

Kamisama Kiss follows Nanami, a high school girl who lived on the streets until she became a land deity. Tomo, a stubborn fox Yokai, becomes acquainted with him, and eventually, they fall in love. A lot of strange adventures unfold as Nanami learns to become a proper land god. She meets several other yokai along the way and quickly learns that nearly all of the gods have hilarious eccentric yet endearing personalities.

One Piece Preaches About The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

One Piece is a classic shonen series with lots of inspiring messages, but perhaps its most important point is that following your dreams is never something to compromise. Luffy is an inspiring hero whose smile can light up the darkest room.

Even though Luffy was ridiculed by everyone for his aspiration to become the Pirate King, he never gave up. In fact, he became more motivated to prove everyone else wrong. Each character in the series has a unique dream of their own, and it’s heartening to see that they never falter on their way to achieve them.

Komi Can’t Communicate Has A Heartfelt Message And Tons Of Comedy

At the beginning of each episode, Komi Communicate reminds its viewers that people with social anxiety may struggle to form relationships, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to. Komi is a lovable protagonist who, despite his severe social anxiety, wants to make 100 friends.

The series has a heartfelt message and a lovely cast, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Each episode plays out as a few mini-plotlines throughout its 25-minute run-time, so it’s the perfect anime to try and watch after a long, hard day.

March Comes in Like a Lion

Although she is brilliant at shogi, Rei Kiriyama is haunted by her hopeless past, existential guilt, and feelings of worthlessness.

He lives alone in a barely furnished apartment, sleeping when he doesn’t need to do anything.

While in Tokyo, she meets a family of sisters who take a keen interest in her well-being. They invite her to be a member of their family.

It’s hard to explain exactly what makes March Comes In Like A Lion so special. Everyone will find something different that they connect with.

Legends of the Galactic Heroes

The two opposing forces (the Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance) have been at war for centuries.

Each side hosts a variety of players from a large interstellar play, pieces in constant motion on a board. Two such players (FPA’s Wen-Lee, and GE’s Reinhard von Lohengram) are striving for the same thing: peace, through different means.

One side is in favor of democracy and socialism and the other is for monarchy and government.

This anime explores conflicting ways of controlling society, and how with no straight answers.

Speech, sacrifice, superb dialogue, strategy and historicism and its themes with attention to detail… Absolutely unmatched in scope and design.

Every episode will make you think. Leave you to think about the world the characters live in, and also the world we all share.

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