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The best crime games on PC in 2022

Which are the best crime games on PC? Videogames are, and always have been, about fulfilling a fantasy. We venture into virtual worlds to fight evil, slay monsters, grab sweet loot or go to war online. They have a chance to do something we don’t usually do – and that includes in crime games.

With that in mind, games that focus on offense are popular for this reason – they’re (hopefully) not something you’d try to do in real life. Ever since the RPG game Grand Theft Auto challenged players to earn as many Wanted Stars as possible, gamers have been pushing the limits of reckless behavior and general naughtiness.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 is simultaneously one of the greatest open-world games of all time, a character-driven drama, a black comedy, a message from the world we lived in in 2013, and one of the most successful games of all time. A -Service title around today.

Its single-player component puts you in the shoes of wide-eyed Franklin, deceitfully deceitful Michael, and legitimately unruly psychopath Trevor, as they go toe-to-toe with authorities in sprawling Los Santos County.

This is only half the story, however, as GTA Online, as the game’s bundled online mode, is a massive RPG where players build their criminal empires, recruit other players to serve, and generally only create insane amounts of chaos. Players have also used GTA 5 mods to create a roleplay haven. If you want to check out, we’d recommend our GTA RP guide.

In fact, it’s no surprise that it’s the third best-selling game in history. Years of updates have completely changed the game, including the massive GTA Diamond Casino expansion, allowing players to plan and execute complex heists, manage a wide range of businesses, and – naturally – the new GTA Jay Leno blushes, which allows creating a collection of cars.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Those at Rockstar know something about being outlawed, and Red Dead Redemption 2 achieved what would have been impossible for many — delivering more than a prequel worthy of the original Red Dead Redemption, easily the best Western on PC. One of the games.

Now finally on PC, you can appreciate the apparently insane level of detail in every pore of the vast approximation of the North American West – a world that is as alive as it is beautiful. Characters and wildlife go about their business regardless of your participation, lending each random NPC a degree of authenticity typically reserved for designated characters.

Once you’ve finished the staggeringly emotional 70-hour campaign, it’s all about Red Dead Online’s small talk to jump in. Just like in GTA Online, the game is growing at an incredible rate – and the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 online update adds a whole new way to play (Moonshiners rejoice!), and it only gets better with each new great reward and career path. Used to be.

There are also RDR2 roleplay servers where you can take on the role of a lawman, outlaw, belligerent drunk, or any other character you can imagine roaming the Wild West. Alternatively, download some of the best Red Dead Redemption 2 mods and play the single-player mod in the body of a clown or a fish.

3. Sleeping Dogs

Often dismissed as a Grand Theft Auto clone set in Hong Kong, it is the crime game equivalent to Infernal Affairs (or The Departed) and much more than the sum of its already excellent parts.

While John Woo-inspired gunplay and crunching melee brawls will captivate you at the start, the story of main character Wei Shen (an undercover cop) doesn’t take long to hook you as he struggles to strike a balance between breaking the law and embedding himself in the dark. Himself in the Sun On Yi Triad.

It’s not long before any notion of obeying the law goes out the window and you’re equally free to finish off enemies with unnecessary melee finishers, whether it’s pushing some bad arc headfirst into the ventilation fan , or someone might impose on frozen swordfish.

Square Enix’s open world Hong Kong, too, deserves a nod, not just for wandering into as many landmarks as possible, but by getting every detail, from Cantonese slang spoken by street food vendors to the constant crush of shop signs. Your attention when you walk down a given street.

4. The Wolf Among Us

In this iridescent noir setting where all our childhood fantasies coexist in a grim, crime-ridden Fabtown set in modern Manhattan. You play the role of the Big Bad Wolf, Detective Bigby. In this episodic mystery from Telltale Games, it’s your job to put the city in order while investigating the violent murders of the story’s characters, using dialogue choices as your primary route to justice.

Your flatmate is a pig with a bad attitude, Mr. Toad isn’t taking his glamour (a spell used to hide fairy tales from humans), and a severed head just showed up at your door. You’ll run into familiar characters, including Snow White, the Huntsman and Sleeping Beauty, as you slowly unravel the mystery of the Fabtown killer.

The premise comes across on a twee, but in true telltale fashion it’s a po-faced and sad narrative—there’s not much here in terms of case work, but like The Walking Dead, your choices have serious and far-reaching consequences.

5. Grim Fandango

In the world of Grim Fandango, when you die and begin your journey to the land of the dead, you are assigned a travel agent who determines the mode of transportation you will take. What a great job you have done. land of livelihood. Enter Manny Cavallera, an afterlife travel agent, with the shock of a boss, a sly rival, and a plot to solve.

Manny’s own journey through this point-and-click detective game is both comic and dark as he becomes a travel agent turned noir detective after discovering that his boss is rigging the system and killing countless souls. Harming for a difficult trek to the land of the dead. The characters you meet are full of charm and humour, and every new chapter is a feast for the eyes as you explore new places in the afterlife.

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