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best minecraft seeds for survival 2022

Looking for cool Minecraft seeds to test out your new world? In this list you’ll find the best Minecraft Seeds that you can use to set up a new world in almost any way you want.

Instead of looking for villages, strongholds, desert temples and all that fun stuff, you can just input a seed and place those things near spawn! In this list of the best Minecraft Seeds you will find different types of cool seeds for Minecraft such as village seeds, zombie seeds, island seeds, beautiful seeds and much more.

1. Massive Bamboo Forest with Pandas (Seed: 1959330209)

Pandas can sometimes be difficult to find in Minecraft, but this seed has some authority to spawn. Bordering the jungle biome is a vast bamboo forest, which means pandas can be found very easily.

There is no predetermined location where they are born, but you probably won’t be able to walk for more than a few seconds before encountering one.

2. Abandoned Mineshaft Next to Village

Seed: 141280768

Like most of the other seeds on this list, this village has the right to spawn, but what sets this seed apart from the others is an open mine nearby. If you make your way to the desert biome a few blocks away from the village, you’ll come across a ravine with several waterfalls, a few lava pits, and an abandoned mine running through it. Mineshaft also has a few chests dotted with rare items and materials, making it well worth the trek in depth.

3. Water village and taiga

Seed: -8880302588844065321

This easy seed spawns you near a partially submerged village in water, which is fun to explore and role-play depending on what you have in mind (no blacksmiths here, but everything may not be perfect).

It also sits next to a wide taiga section – a northern forest full of spruce trees and sometimes wolves. It’s a good seed for more casual exploration for players who want to try something unique that doesn’t involve a lot of travel or risk.

4. Survival mode at sea

Seed: 3010064798083778592

If you’re looking for a special challenge, you’ll love this seed. It traps you in an underwater shipwreck in a warm sea, so you have to act quickly to survive.

Then you have to clean everything from the mess to make a garden on your new shipwreck house to make the bed. You’ll need some luck, but it will certainly be an adventure – and an excellent solution if you’re feeling a little bored with the more customary spawns.

5. Minecraft Seed with Working 12-Eyes End portal

Seed Code: 9009198391873876587

This seed is the most common looking Minecraft seed to spawn, but at the same time one of the rarest. In fact, there is a one in a trillion chance of stumbling upon such a seed. But yes, it still works and is one of the rarest Minecraft seeds you can hope for.

At the right coordinates, this seed will give you access to the entire final portal. This means you can leave the Nether and fight directly with the End Dragon. If that’s a challenge you’re looking for, enter the seed code below and test your strength!

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