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strongest hunter x hunter characters ranker

It’s a question all fans of the series have asked: Who are the most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter? Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter universe is arguably one of the strongest of any anime.

Incredible displays of strength have been featured throughout the series from the first arc to the last. As characters are introduced over the course of the series, we often find that each is more powerful than the last.

With so many strong characters, it’s hard to compare them collectively and figure out who stands out above the rest. This list will help fans better understand the hierarchy of power within the series and the true abilities of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters.

1. Adult Gon

Gon eventually fights Pitou, Merume’s most powerful defender. Enraged by what he did to Kite – essentially killing and turning into a puppet his father’s apprentice (who also took Gon under his wing) – she must defeat him, even if it kills him.

So he makes a pledge, which is a binding contract that allows Nan users to gain the next level of ability. His vow: In exchange for receiving all of his power, he will lose the ability to permanently tap into his aura.

During the fight, Pitou acknowledges that this adult form of Gon could possibly rival Merum as well. Gon kills Pitou. Afterwards, and as promised, Gon basically withers. Killua is able to use Nanika’s wish-granting abilities to revive her – but it is still unknown whether Gon will gain the ability to tap into her aura, or if she has any aura left as well.

2. Chrollo Lucilfer

Crollo might not look strong on the outside, but there’s a reason he’s the leader of the Phantom Troop, and it’s not that the other members like him. Using Skill Hunter, Krollo can take Nan Techniques from other people and store them in a book he accepts.

There are a few requirements for this: he must see the technology being used, explain his capability to the user, and then they must touch the handprint on the right cover within an hour’s span.

It’s not easy, but he’s still managed to take on a wide range of techniques including Indoor Fish, Teleportation, Lovely Ghostwriter, and many more. Thanks to his brilliant intelligence and his extraordinary physical strength, he is able to successfully use every technology he steals, no matter how complex or unfamiliar.

3. Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno Zoldyck may be old, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of Hunter x Hunter’s deadliest assassins. His physical strength far exceeds his age. Additionally, Zeno’s speed and combat skills were enough to put Crollo Lucifer, the leader of the Phantom Troop, on the defensive.

As a transmitter, he manipulates his Nan aura and changes its shape to create dragon-like structures. Although it is primarily an offensive move, Zeno also uses this technique to propel himself and others over great distances.

With his dragon dive technique, he can create hundreds of aura dragons that rain like meteors and cause widespread destruction. Overall, not bad for an old man.

4. Razor

Just by looking at him one can feel what he is capable of. Razor is one of the side characters of the show and is known for his strength. And when I say strength, I mean crazy strength. Their aura-covered balls are so unreal that even elite hunters find it difficult to discern them.

And this is what makes him different. Plus, with his emitter nan, this guy has managed to branch out beyond his typical power block as well. And that’s what makes him worthy of our list here in the first place. I hope you never need to fight against him. Otherwise, you will face some real trouble.

5. Neferpitou

The next place is taken by the Ling-fluid cat, one of the three royal guards of the chimera ants. He made his appearance in the series by killing a character named Patang, who was not some downright weak man, but quite powerful.

Like other royal guards, he has unimaginable power, speed and durability, but that’s not what makes him special. His special thing is that he is an expert in the field of Nan. And this is awesome because experts have the ability to break the rules of this world according to their fancy wish.

He’s like an endless well of aura and presents one of the most incredible dangers Hunter x Hunter has ever shown. Her aura is so powerful and dangerous that Hisoka and Zeno’s auras are said to be capable of producing an aura similar to hers.

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1 Isaac Netero.
2 Nanika.
3 Maha Zoldyck.
4 Neferpitoue.
5 Zeno Zoldyck.
6 Ging Freecss.
7 Gon Freecss.

1 Illumi.
2 Machi.
3 Uvogin.
4 Nobunaga.
5 Bonolenov.
6 Shizuku.

1 Tiger: Kanzai.
2 Sheep: Ginta.
3 Horse: Saccho Kobayakawa.
4 Monkey: Saiyu.
5 Ox: Mizaistom Nana.
6 Rat: Kurapika.