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Best PC games for 8GB RAM and 2GB graphics card

The last decade has been a great time to be a gamer as many AAA studios, publishers and indie developers have consistently released great games one after the other.

This period has seen a significant improvement in the capabilities of gaming hardware, with the amazing GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD providing massive amounts of video memory to power all new releases.

As a result, sports which were demanding back then are not demanding by today’s standards. Some of these games work very well with 2GB graphics cards and are still a lot of fun to play.

Let’s now take a look at the five best games that only require a 2GB graphics card.

1. Persona 4: Golden

The Persona 4 was built to run on the PS2 and Vita, so it’s no surprise that it runs just fine on today’s potato rigs and laptops. The JRPG is one of the best in the long-running series, and its PC release is probably the best indicator that, at last, Atlas may actually port Persona 5 to PC. (Or switch.)

The Persona series was always perfect as a second screen adventure, and if you’re completely new to the franchise you might absolutely enjoy Persona 4. (Persona games are standalone anthologies, much like Final Fantasy titles.) It’s a thrilling adventure that was fantastic when it first launched, and it’s great today.

2. Among Us

You know, if you want to destroy every piece of trust between your friends and family, a $7.50 price tag is great. The year’s best version of the werewolf or Secret Hitler, amongst us this year has completely exploded in popularity.

Great with friends and to help you reconnect with friends when you can’t get together in person, although if you can get together in a group, the mobile version works great too.

3. Strife: Veteran Edition

A blast past Remaster Legends courtesy of Night Dive Studios. Strife was a shooter first released in 1996, built on the principle that DOOM-esque games were able to incorporate deep storylines and RPG elements.

The re-released version runs more well on modern screens and operating systems. The low-end requirements mean you don’t have to keep every detail in oblivion. A great nostalgic journey and a wonderful window into a great era of PC games to boot.

4. Elsinore

An interesting indie where you’re stuck in the world of Hamlet with a twist: Everyone you know will die, and the world constantly repeats itself until Ophelia finds out everything. Elsinor’s dynamic story engine means that Ophelia learns from each time loop, and reacts quickly to your decisions at the beginning of the game and in every future loop.

It’s a narrative adventure that really flew under the radar last year, and it’s great to dive into when you’re on the road in need of an entertaining story. The minimum GPU requirement of the HD 4000 means that most modern laptops will run games without any problems.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What can we say about CS:GO that hasn’t been said already? The game includes some of the best online shooting components and has been going strong for almost a decade. Despite the overhaul of gameplay and graphics, CS: GO can be played on most low-spec laptops without a hitch.

All you need is a good internet connection for the online components. The gunplay is solid, the matches are faster than ever, and you can really enjoy what online gaming has to offer in today’s era. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be your game if you have a low-spec laptop and need some adrenaline rush.

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