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Best PUBG Mobile Lite gyroscope sensitivity settings for beginners

You can easily access that gyroscope section without any problem. Just think about which smartphone you are using and what is its sensitivity! I’ll show some parts, so you can easily understand what I mean. Well the gyroscope is preinstalled in every smartphone like we are playing that racing game when we play that car or bike racing game you have seen that when you turn your vehicle it goes to the right, just our phone needs to be rotated. If you want left, then you turn the mobile towards left.

In PUBG MOBILE or LITE, the Gyroscope is used to aim or tilt the targets in front of you. When you setting the gyroscope you don’t need to aim at the person, you just need to rotate your phone according to the position you really need! And there are three modes of gyroscope which is normal, half and full.

Let me show you some of image’s, So you can understand more easily.

The part I’m showing you is that you can increase or decrease by yourself to set the gyroscope settings. If you set it to meet that 200% or 300% it will be set as you wish. And if you need both a hand and a gyroscope. Then halve it.

Gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite

First, you need to turn on the gyroscope setting in the Basic tab. There are 3 options to choose from which are “Always On”, “Scope On” and “Close”. I’d recommend choosing the “Scope On” option so that the gyroscope will only activate when you’re aiming the sight down, not when you’re moving. Once you’re familiar with this, you can change it to “Always On” if you want.

Secondly, go to the Sensitivity tab and adjust the sensitivity level for each scope from no scope to 8x the scope.

The last step, of course, is to test it. You can join a real match or choose different areas to experience it for yourself, using the training mode.

Also try to learn by watching this video.

What’s the best gyro sensitivity for pubg mobile lite?

The use of gyro in the game certainly provides some advantage to the player. But there is no such thing as best gyro sensitivity. If you want to use gyro first identify if you want to use it

In any case, it is preferred whether you are a single thumb player or use a three finger pawn. The main reason being that, while you always use the gyro on your close combats, may cause a bit of a loss of speed, you can even use a 4 finger claw with a full gyro with enough practice.

After selecting your preferred mode,select between

  • low sensitivity
  • Medium senstivity
  • High senstivity

Using medium to high sensitivity, you can fully control the recoil by the gyro while keeping one finger free. It’s important to know that if you want to use a higher sensitivity I suggest you lower your ADS sensitivity to keep your target more accurate.

For my controls, I use four finger full gyro. It was really hard to start as I got used to it and my game improved a lot.

This is my current sensitivity. But I cannot stress enough that there is no perfect sensitivity. Sensitivity changes from Android to iOS and from phone to phone. So just take some standard settings and make changes according to your needs!

Practice enough and your sensitivity will become the best for you.

How do I kill sniper man in PUBG?

The most important thing is to recognize him first!

It gets worse when you have no scope and you are getting hit from nowhere. You can’t even spot him then. One way to spot him is to look in the direction the fire is coming from, if he doesn’t have a flash header, the next shot will tell you his exact location. I’ve done it several times but with a potential enemy at close range and on top of a hill and I’m at a great distance from him.

Another thing you can do is to take cover, look at him, take a peek and quickly take cover again and when he misses his shot, peek again and you take your shot.
Use smoke and replace your cover. Or if there is no cover and you still have to run, run in a zig zag manner, which makes it difficult to aim and shoot at you.

Most of the times when I was being snatched and there was no scope, I ran. Other times, I opened fire on the enemy and if I got one or two hits, the enemy fled or took cover to heal himself. That’s when I walked in again.

Sometimes taking blind aim is also beneficial. Either you get a hit or the enemy loses the element of surprise if he thinks he has been spotted. So he can change the cover, giving you time to change the cover or run away.

How do I get sniper easily in PUBG?

As through my experience ,These are top 3 Best place to get a Sniper early in the game.

  1. Military Bases: Military bases are most likely to get level 3 loot especially snipers and scopes. The number of people approaching is less due to bridge campers/blockers. If you want a Kar98k or M24 early in the game then definitely going to a military base is a good option.
  2. Georgopol : Georgopol is one of the best hotdrops. If you want to kill enemies with good loot. Georgopol has everything on its territory. All the best guns you can find out there plus you can easily get flare guns as well. I recommend that you go there with your entire squad. Unless you will be an easy kill for your enemies.
  3. Novorepnoye : You can call it Georgopol’s twin brother. But the chances of finding enemies are less than that of Georgopol. But there is no compromise with them in the matter of loot. You can easily find what you want. And also there are vehicles nearby to go to the safe area. But sometimes you will face enemies

Here are the top 3 places where you can get robbed. People say Pochinki is also a good place to rob but in Pochinki you can’t get kar98k or M24 easily. Also, you rarely find flare guns in there. The number of enemies is also very high. So pochinki is not listed in the list please upvote if you find it useful.