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How to Get 90 FPS in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has finally been released worldwide for Android and iOS. With thousands of players in the Outlands looking to fight it out and be the last man standing, the excitement is high. However, like any other FPS game, Apex Mobile is the one that is best enjoyed with the highest possible frame rate.

While you can’t reach the 120 frame rate you see on a gaming PC, there is a way to get 90 fps freedom and smoothness on your Apex Legends mobile. So if you’re a fellow legend looking to up your frame rate, keep reading as I show you the how-to below.

Can You Get 90FPS in Apex Legends Mobile?

The simple answer is no, because you can’t get 90 fps on Apex Mobile. However, before you point fingers at us, hear me out. While you may not be able to get 90 FPS in Apex Mobile, you can get 80 FPS.

Yes, it looks like the developers have managed to optimize the game to deliver up to 80 FPS instead of the actual 90 FPS at the moment. And after playing the game for a while on the setting, I can promise you that 80fps looks and feels better than the 60fps you’re getting right now.

To elaborate further, the 80 fps setting on Apex Mobile was first seen in beta testing for 2021. The setting was off by default, but it was possible to enable it using the “Extremely high” option under “Frame rate” in the game. However, as soon as the public version has rolled out, you will find the setting renamed to Extreme.

How to increase FPS in Apex Legends Mobile

Launch Apex Legends Mobile and go to Settings on the bottom left of the screen. A new page with various settings will open.

  1. Tap on the “display settings option”
  2. Tap on the “graphics and audio” option on the right sidebar
  3. Various options will show under the frame rate settings. Limited options will load if your smartphone isn’t powerful enough
  4. Select the “Ultra” option to enable high FPS support. Your game will run on 60FPS, which is optimal on average devices 
  5. Tap “OK” to finish the process

If your mobile device freezes at 60 FPS, try going down. Select “Normal” for 30 fps. The game won’t play in high definition, but you’ll be able to play a smooth match on your low-end hardware. Be sure to activate the Display FPS option to see the change in FPS on your HUD in real-time. This step is important to determine the reason behind the lag and to troubleshoot it quickly.

What Are the Apex Legends Mobile FPS Settings?

Apex Legends Mobile has four FPS settings, though it doesn’t go too far on an actual explanation of what they mean.

Keep in mind that there is a framerate cap for each setting – not the guaranteed FPS you’ll get from selecting it. As with any game, many factors can affect the framerate you get, including graphics settings, other apps, and the phone or tablet.

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