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Top 5 Android apps to get Free Fire MAX diamonds for free in India

Free Fire MAX has become one of the top titles on the major app stores. The game offers tons of exciting items like colorful costumes, upgradeable weapon skins, pets, characters, and much more, which makes the overall gaming experience even more amazing. Developers often release events where players can get many of these items for free.

To gain many premium items, players have to spend diamonds. Diamonds are a special in-game currency that can be purchased with real money to unlock various items in the title.

Best apps to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Individuals should avoid using unauthorized applications such as mods, scripts and generators as they do not work and will result in serious consequences including permanent bans.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Many Free Fire users have previously relied on this application from the Google Surveys team to earn premium in-game currency for free. The app entails users to download and answer a few questions about themselves to create a profile and receive a survey later.

Players can earn up to INR 32.20 in Play credits for completing surveys, though frequency and payouts vary. Collecting the funds required for regular top-ups is challenging, and so in many instances, players either buy a subscription or even wait for the Super Airdrop to make the most of it.

2) Booyah

Booyah has become a hotspot for Free Fire gamers around the world. It is essentially a video-sharing platform created by Garena through which users can watch their favorite content creators broadcast various titles.

In addition, the application contains several events where gamers can earn many rewards. This usually involves watching a stream for a specific period of time, uploading your own clips, and more. However, gamers can get anything from the huge prize pool, including skins, costumes, expressions and even diamonds.

3) Easy Rewards

Easy Rewards is the last app on this list and will perform just as well as many other apps. Accordingly, users will have to engage in tasks such as surveys, watching clips, downloading apps and doing other transactions to get some in-app coins.

These can be exchanged for over 160 prizes. However, with Amazon GiftCard, PayPal Cash, and other options available, rewards will vary by country.

4) Mistplay

Mistplay is an application that allows gamers to earn gift cards and other incentives by playing games. Players must download the application and can earn units by playing the new mobile game, which makes collecting rewards very attractive.

In addition, players can maintain a daily streak and complete badges to earn additional units. Gamers can later use the units to purchase gift cards for Visa, Amazon, Google Play, and other popular options.

5) Swag Bucks

Popular GPT website Swagbucks also has a mobile app that players can use. It has more than 50 lakh installs on Google Play Store. Players can earn gift cards by participating in surveys, making purchases, discovering new products, watching videos and playing games.

Users can redeem these Swagbucks rewards for PayPal cash and gift cards to popular e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Google Play. However, it is important to note that the options available will vary depending on the player’s region.

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