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Top 5 best highest earning PUBG Mobile players in the world

PUBG Mobile fans are aware of how tournaments for the battle-royal game have been growing in recent months with astonishing prize pools. As the years pass by, some eSports professionals have emerged as the highest-paid PUBG Mobile players in 2022.

It is clear that the eSports industry is booming as many titles are hosting competitive tournaments where the best players from around the world are seen fighting for the champions. title as well as cash prize.

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile is also not far behind as it has established itself as a successful eSports title. With so many competitions, the highest earning PUBG Mobile players in 2022 have shown their excellence and consistency to pave their way in this list.

5 Best PUBG Players most earning In The World

The best PUBG players on the planet are discussed and categorized. Each of those 9f is a person who has achieved a great level of success and contributed something to the PUBG community.

He helped shape the game we know today as PUBG. Raging Goat: God of PUBG is the best PUBG players in the world in 2022. Below are some more best PUBG players. Top 5 Highest Paying and Best PUBG Mobile Player 2022 in the world

1. XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy is the top PUBG player in the world in 2022 according to our ranking. The real name of XQF Paraboy is Zhu Bocheng.

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He is called “Lord of PUBG Mobile”. In the domestic and international championships held across the world, Paraboy has been the most consistent and the MVP

In battle royale games, he is praised for his accuracy and skillful use of the single-tap weapon. Paraboy was a thumb player at first, but for the greatest performance, he changed the configuration of the four-fingered claw.

He was named MVP in PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: Finals, Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020, Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 and Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitation Summer 2019.

2. XQF Order

Cheng Zhai is at No. 2 in our list of the best PUBG players in the world in 2022. They are popularly known as XQF orders. Zhehai is a member of the XQF team. Talking about PUBG, he is the best player in China.

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He played with Paraboys in 2019 for PEL. His presence helped the team grow and after joining the XQF, he won the PEC Finals with the team. Order is a godsend in close-knit encounters.

Many have claimed that she is the next big thing in the esports industry. He hasn’t claimed his position in the PUBG Mobile Global version yet, but he is all set to participate in global PUBG leagues and tournaments.

3. BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with a lot to offer. Why promise? Developers Stainless Games have already hinted at the Osme Pretty Amazing concepts in the game and now it’s time to finally see them in action.

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One of the key features of the game promised is the ability for multiple people to play and collaborate on the same server. This is incredibly practical and a huge step forward in the evolution of the gaming world.

Gaming will no longer be a singular self-contained experience; Everyone who wants to play will be able to do so no matter where they are. BTR Zuxxy is considering bringing this aspect to other titles as well, possibly including an economy-based trading system already present in Arma 3.


Luke “Teabone” Krefer, a seasoned British genius, certainly makes the top 10 in terms of experience and conversation.

image source : PUBG Weekly

He has been a part of the PUBG scene since 2017 and can bring immense value to his current heroics. Squad. He is a wildcard entry on this list, but after two consecutive second-place finishes, including one in the most recent PUBG Global Championship, we are excited to see if he can go a step further.

The next tournament for Teabone and Veer is the European PUBG Continental Series. This would be an incredible opportunity to establish Weir as a major European threat.

5. ScoutOP

ScoutOP is one of the best PUBG players in the world and one of the leading players in the Indian region.

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He has been in the PUBG Mobile scene since the launch of the PUBG Mobile Open College in 2019. He initially played for Team India and made a name for himself as an attacker and an assisting player.

He was later selected by the mighty Fnatic as a part of their dream team in India. ScoutOp has won many match MVP of tournaments and won matches in many tournaments. Currently, he is a free agent and is looking for a team.

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1 X-Quest Force (China) China’s XQF takes the number one spot in our rankings | Image via @VSPN_esports.
2 Bigetron Esports (Indonesia) 3 TOP Esports (China)

4 4 Angry Men (China)

5 Cloud 9 (USA)
6 RRQ Athena (Thailand)
7 MEGA.Conqueror (Thailand)
8 Team Queso (South America)