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5 tips to improve aim and headshot percentage in Free Fire

There are many ways to hit a headshot inside the free fire game, out of which 5 is the best way for you and which is very effective, for a perfect headshot, you should improve the settings of the game.

One of the most trending skills in FREE FIRE right now is the one-shot head cap kill which enables the players to knock down their enemy with just one tap, regardless of the weapon class or category.

how to improve your aim in free fire

Red Dot – Red Dot matters a lot in improving the aim, you always have to keep the size of your Red Dot bigger, this will make it much easier for you to hit the headshot and your aim will be connected to the enemy most quickly.

game control – To get complete control over the game, you have to practice a lot and improve your movement speed, you can practice in the training ground to improve the movement speed.

joystick – You have to use the joystick well and your aim is to connect the enemy in a better way. Use joystick more only when you have to fight, this will give you good control over the game.

1 vs 1 battle – You will benefit a lot by playing 1 vs 1 battle, in the game, your gaming skills will be very good, many players use this trick to improve your game play.

headshot rate – What is the level of a player, it does not matter at all in the game, so in the game, the game does that how much headshot rate you are taking. You should have less focus on the body shot, this will help you in increasing the headshot rating, hitting the enemy headshot is a very good choice.

top 5 tricks to increase headshot rate in free fire

If you have to go to any big guild, then you have to always keep your kills and headshot rate at a good level, with this you can easily go to any guild, that’s why we have come up with the best 5 tips and tricks for you, Which will increase your KD and headshot rate.

#1. There are two types of headshot in free fire, the first is one shot and the second is drag shot, out of these, you have to hit one shot, this increases your headshot rate.

You always have to keep in mind while hitting a drag shot, you should never try to hit a drag shot, it does not increase your headshot rate, most of your body shots are taken, that’s why don’t try to hit drag headshot.

#2. You all must know that the enemy is always in two positions, he is standing in one place or is moving, you have to hit one tab to the enemy who is always standing in one place, there are more chances of getting headshot.

#3. You should not try to hit a headshot in a close fight because there are more chances of you getting a body shot, this does not increase your headshot rate.

#4. To hit a headshot, you should use a sniper, it takes your headshot very well, there is a lot of sniping gun in free fire, which is very good for hitting headshot.

#5. 480 foe safe and better headshot rate and if not satisfied then go for 523 which increase moblie sensitivity and gives better headshot rate and using it to much can damge your device , so go for 480.

Free Fire Auto Headshot is one of the most popular Free Fire games played by millions of people around the world. It has a variety of weapons, and if you are a beginner all auto headshot in Free Fire players should have some knowledge. Once you get used to it and then you are good to go. The main thing while killing auto headshot in free fire enemy is aiming auto headshot in free fire other player. Aiming for auto headshots in Free Fire players is difficult because some auto headshots in Free Fire weapons have massive recoil, and because of this, many players lose battles.

However, Free Fire does offer sensitivity controls including Auto Headshots and Recoil, which can be used in Free Fire users to set the sensitivity for any and every weapon according to Auto Headshot, but getting Auto Headshot in Free Fire The best sensitivity control is Auto Headshot in Free Fire. Not an easy job.