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top 5 best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

Want to create the Minecraft world of your choice? Are you looking for the easiest way to make your dream of a perfect Minecraft world come true? Well, there are ways to make your wish come true in Minecraft.

Minecraft seeds will help you get the most wanted and rare items in your gameplay. We will learn about the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds in 2022 in this article. Diamonds are not only a valuable resource in Minecraft, but also a resource suitable for many practical purposes.

Getting diamonds in Minecraft has become a difficult task. Still, you can grab some diamonds for your gameplay with the help of Minecraft seeds. Let’s find out which are the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds?

Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds in 2022

There are many Minecraft seeds for diamonds around the Minecraft world. Minecraft players want to get diamonds to make tools and weapons for themselves.

Minecraft players can also use diamonds for their weapons to inflict extra damage on their enemies. These are not the only benefits you will get from seeds for minecraft diamonds. Here, I will shed some light on the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds.

1. Shipwrecked Diamonds

Players will start on a beach on a gorgeous island with views of the neighboring mountain range thanks to this seed. There are two shipwrecks within easy reach, and if you can uncover the secret chests, you can walk away with some amazing survival stuff.

image source :

Seed: 12947

If you’re looking for additional options, Savannah Village is right down the road. Players will be able to use two ships and a savanna settlement in this seed. This one seed has three amazing places to collect stuff, and they’re all close to the spawn spot.

Diamonds can be found in the chests of two ships as well as in the savannah settlement. For a diamond pickaxe, and probably more, they should have enough diamonds. This seed gives not only diamonds but also emeralds.

2. Ravine of Diamonds

In this seed, players walk around a ravine where they can find lots of goodies.

image source :

Seed: -1000

Players will see that there is water at the bottom of the ravine which they can use as a landing pad. Players must first get some wood to craft sticks before diving into the ravine.

Players cannot build a pickaxe without wood and once inside it is difficult to get out of the ditch because of how deep it is. At the bottom of this ravine, players will find lots of diamonds that they can use to craft a lot of resourceful items.

3. Bedrock Seeds

It’s an incredible seed that starts you a mere 200 blocks away from the vein of a 21-ore diamond.

image source :

Seed: -227711321

You are the only savior of this big island which is home to such valuable treasure. With a Fortune III pickaxe, you can easily extract 30 diamond ore from this vein (or if you’re lucky – more than 40!).

Not only do you spawn with one of the largest diamond veins ever found under your feet at 1.18, but your spawn island is also home to nearly 20 buried treasures! We’ll give you the coordinates of some of them, but you’ll have to find the rest yourself!

4. Sinkhole

Another one on our list of the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds is a sinkhole.

image source :

Seed Code: -6959476951899901279

It’s flawless if you want to jump straight to a diamond ax and sword instead of sculpting iron and stone tools. Players will propel beside a huge sinkhole that leads directly to an underground level.

There, they will find themselves with at least five diamonds waiting to be mined. In the meantime, they’ll need their iron picks to obtain these gems, although it’s a technicality that most people choose to ignore.

5. Exposed Stronghold & Easy Diamonds

And this seed has everything you need. Players walk next to a village with a ravine running through it.

image source :

Seed Code: 823486800

In fact, this one has a visible citadel in the center of the ravine as well as easy diamonds located at the bottom. When players explore the desert biome around the village, they see an isolated village.

If they go further, they will come across another village along the pillar boundary line just a few blocks away. Finding easy diamonds in Minecraft makes it a popular choice of seed to set.

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1 Seed: 1278242210.
2 Seed: -1156398589.
3 Cursed Village: 63, 66, 159.
4 Cave opening: 59, 63, 167.
5 Nine veins of diamond ore: 25, -6, 172.
6 Seed: 3586024.
7 Ruined Portal: 141, 65, 83.
8 Buried Treasure (1): 136, 59, 24.

1 Cobblestone (Image via Minecraft)
2 Blocks of Copper (Image via Minecraft)
3 Deepslate Bricks (Image via Minecraft)
4 Crying Obsidian blocks (Image via Mojang)
5 Obsidian blocks (Image via Mojang)

1 A glitched end portal (Image via Minecraft)
2 A floating island (Image via Minecraft)
3 Pig spawner (Image via Minecraft)
4 Repeating lava generation (Image via Minecraft)
5 Repeating ravines (Image via Minecraft)