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PUBG mobile: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds beginner’s guide

There are so many little tips and tricks worth knowing about pubg that we decided to compile a big ol’ list of them right here, dividing them into relevant categories so you can choose to go ahead, or just go for your vacation. to browse on.

Before diving into this though, it’s worth talking a little bit about how to access PUBG matches in general, especially if you’re a newcomer or want to learn the game a little better.

Before diving into this though, it’s worth talking a little bit about how to access PUBG matches in general, especially if you’re a newcomer or want to learn the game a little better.


PUBG is a game about survival of the fittest. While this may mean that the most aggressive player wins, this is not the average case. Knowing when to engage and when to lie down is the key to having your first chicken dinner.

PUBG rewards an active play style. The more aggressive being will likely kill you, the more passive being will mean your opponents will have a greater tactical advantage through their gear.

Unless you’re a top tier player in shooting sports, getting away from “hot” areas is probably the safest course of action to survive.

This would allow a player to find strong or average gear and weapons without the threat of pressure from an enemy player. There is a core technique that can keep players away from the hot areas of PUBG.

The most important consideration to keep in mind when deciding where to fall on the way to the plane. Most players will land somewhere relatively close to the plane’s trajectory, so a player must stray as far from the plane as possible to avoid hot zones.

This can be done by not pulling on your parachute and pointing your camera upwards immediately after the fall. This will allow your character to slide in the direction you are facing.

Shooting In Playerunknown’s Battleground

PUBG is one of the few popular shooters that has a complex and somewhat realistic shooting system. It involves intense and sometimes debilitating repetition and a variety of locations hidden in the map.

This realism combined with the high damage done during the shot can make combat engagements incredibly short and difficult to win. To be successful in pubg the player must learn to shoot.

PUBG usually has two different rates of fire, the option of single-shot or rapid-fire. Most assault rifles and submachine guns have the option of single or rapid-fire, but each fire rate has its own utility and purpose.

The single-shot rate of fire is the rate of fire when engaged in long- to mid-range firefighters. This allows a player to maintain accuracy and not succumb to the brutal recoil on most weapons.

Use of single-shot and mid to long-range scopes can turn any assault rifle into a powerful sniper rifle. Single-shot use can be the difference in a firefight when used effectively and accurately.


Even swaying, bending or running back and forth can save your life in PUBG by never giving an easy shot to the enemy. This is especially important when aiming in gunfight: you never want to make yourself an easy target.

Moonlight as a parkour superstar can’t hurt either – the game is a lot more agile and agile than it used to be, aggressive plays a lot more viable. Always look for some buildings or high stairs to climb.

scopes are the best attachments

Even the best sniper rifle in the game is only as good as the scope fitted, and if you’re relying on iron sights you’ve already lost. Provided you can get your hands within a range of 4x or 8x, you’ll be able to grab any building in the game. Speaking of distances, you can also use the scope to locate buildings from a safe distance.

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