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PUBG mobile: how to become pro player in pubg mobile 2022

The best game among multiplayer battleground games is PUBG Mobile (BGMI). Any player who loses in this game wants to get the top rank. Today we have brought some best pro secrets and tips for all those players who want to play like a pro player in pubg mobile game, want to make a new identity in this game. It will work, so you have to read all the information thoroughly.

As you must know that Garena free fire and pubg mobile are the two most played multiplayer battleground games. Its a very interesting and amazing game based on concept of survival. 100 real people land on an island and then we have to search for weapons and kill each other.

Last man standing wins the game. Their are other modes in game with lots of interesting features. If you love shooting games thein this is the perfect match for you

how to best headshot in Pubg mobile

close range headshot – Close range headshot is one of the best skills, if you learn it then you will find it much easier to do the gameplay. You always have to keep the focus on the head, so that you will be able to hit the headshot very easily.

pubg mobile crosshair settings – Keep the pubg mobile crosshair settings outside and the crosshair should always be on top, this will make it much easier for you to kill the enemy and your bullet will hit the enemy first, so you should always keep the crosshair settings well managed.

Being a sniper is not that hard as you know. All you need to do is work on your target and a little reflex. The best way to improve your sniper game is to play sniper training mode in the arcade section of the pubg.

You will be given either DMR or bolt action sniper rifles. You will also need to know the range and adjust your bolt action rifle accordingly as the PUBG Mobile has a bullet drop feature and the greater the range the harder it will be for you to get that cute headshot.

In the end when it comes to being a sniper for a team, it’s not just about hitting head shots but also helping your teammates when they run into people and you guide that enemy.

Where are they hiding and even help give them a knock or two from afar. I hope this helps and practice your sniper game in sniper training mode It really helps.

PUBG mobile fast movement

You can do it by two methods

By playing quick response simulation games they are many which qive you simple tasks which mess up with your brain this would help you .

By developing a reflex this can be done by doi g same thing over and over at some specific times like opening scope when enemy is spotted or random movement.

This is very easy process i divede this process in following parts

  • Change your control setting and set it in claw ,watch famous youtuber setting
  • Adjust your sensitivity
  • Practice your setting in practice lobby in 2–3 times a day
  • Practice in arcade mode
  • Now practice this for 7 days
  • Now you are a claw player congratulations.

pubg mobile positioning tips and tricks 2021

There are no shortcuts to have a kd of more than five. I have tried my best but my kd is 3.2 and i cannot take my kd above that. For increasing kd the basic thing you need to do is try win as many matches as possible. Havea proper squad that has one guy who nades well One guy who rushes like a pro and is a close combat player and a guy who is a sniper.

Devise some strategies with your team and win matches. Try to get 7 to 8 kills ler match. And try to take fight in the beginning which is important and easy as well. But if you play random then it is really tough.

Most importantly have your squad and have a good coordination with them. Do 4 kills a match but win the match. That give your kd a good boost. In the end wins will increase your k/d. And only a big kd will not make you a pro. A good sense of game surroundings well.

My suggestion would be dont do super hot drops after mid diamond. For erangel go to rozhok yasnaya polyana myltra myltra power shelter prison lipovka severny intead of doing super hotdrops in pochinki and georgopol military etc. Before diamond 2 do as many hot drops as you can.

how to level up pubg mobile

Go to the training ground and harass people with melee weapons. Its as simple as that. The more you practice it, the better it will get. But I can give you a tip to improve your melee game. Try to get closer to your opponent before revealing your presence to melee.

You can also attract them by going behind a corner and waiting for them to come to you for the same purpose. Once you are in range, don’t stand there. Go to their side or behind them so that they keep aiming and chasing after you.

Aiming at such close range is very difficult and getting a better position on your opponent will give you a chance to hit them without taking any damage And the rest is practice, practice, and more practice.

How to improve PUBG Mobile skills

Drop the hot In the beginning you will be dying quickly but gradually you will start getting the feel of close fights and fighting with many people at once.

Play solo or in squads.

If you’re playing squad, play with people you know. You should be able to communicate with this group and organize yourself well.

Learn 4 finger claws.

Learn to control the recoil of the guns you use.

Practice quick scooping. This can be done either in training mode or sniper training mode.

Learn to play smart. Watch streams from other players.

So much so that you won’t be able to win every match. Although you will be able to win again and again.

  • enable gyroscope on your game as it helps a lot to cntrol recoil on weapons like AKM.
  • practice in training ground by enabling gyroscope and try to contrl the recoil using it.
  • do not play battle royale always. yes, for your practice, regularly play quick matches, tdm’s and training ground is the most imporrtant.
  • taking my example, at morning for one hour i play tdm and quick matches with the weapon which i feel i should improve on. at evening on 4 o’clock, i play battle royale with my friends and i always do better than every yesterday.
  • i play training ground for the weapon which i feel i am not good on.
  • you should alwyas include 1 training ground session and 3 tdm with the gun u have got to improve on.
  • practice even in battle royale game. you should be able to handle pressure and play well. for this, you should drop in hot zones.
  • play solo vs duo or duo vs squad to learn handling pressure better.
  • dont jump directly into solo vs squad without practicing solo vs duo and duo vs squad.

The battle royale genre had its fair share of success on PC before any popular mobile port came along. PUBG Mobile entered a market where millions of players were already creating multiple clones, but the game’s production value was advanced enough to attract gamers who had already invested in the various titles.
PUBG Mobile reported that its download count exceeded 600 million in 2022, and this number is increasing day by day. When player numbers rapidly increase, the emergence of a competitive scene is inevitable. Most player bases try to showcase their skills in the game’s rank mode for a chance to place themselves on a promising team.