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How do I improve my PUBG headshot?

Headshots are the fastest way to kill enemies in a battle royale game, and it works the same way in PUBG Mobile

This toned-down version of PUBG Mobile is intended to be less hardware-intensive and playable on low-end mobile devices, giving the title a much wider reach in the mobile gaming industry.

One of the easiest ways to get an extra edge over others in the game is to learn how to execute accurate headshots. However, as with headshots, players should also focus on improving their aiming accuracy. Listed below are the five best tips for improving players’ aiming accuracy when performing headshots.

best tips to improve your handshot in pubg

The growing player base of PUBG Mobile has recently added many new players to the game. With the increase in active players, the competition is also increasing very fast.

One of the best ways to dominate others is to make accurate headshots. This article looks at some of the best tips that players can follow to make more headshots and increase their headshot percentage in PUBG Mobile.

1. Don’t skip the attachments

This brings to the most important tip. You must have seen the various gun attachments that you can pick up.

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Depending on which gun you use, there are a total of five categories, including sight, muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and stock.

In addition to picking up the scope and muzzle attachment, make sure you pick up the rest as they are equally important in the overall performance of your gun. For example, Extended Mag increases your maximum clip count while QuickDraw Extended Mag does the same but allows you to reload faster.

2.  Cross-Hair Placement

With cross-hair awareness out of the way, you now want to focus on your cross-hair placement. The good thing is that once your cross-hair awareness improves, your cross-hair placement will automatically improve. These two elements go completely hand in hand.

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Once you’re aware of the center of your display, you’ll be keeping the cross-hairs straight instead of pulling and then placing them on your enemies. This gives you the cost of milliseconds for the precious time needed to win a particular firepower.

Also, you don’t want your cross-hairs to tremble too much. This will make you miss those headshots. Learning to hold your target comes with a lot of practice. With that, comes our next tip.

3. Know About Gun Combination

All players mostly prefer AKM+M416 in game, but others are also using AR with sniper.

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It’s not a big issue what your gun combination is, you stick to your gun combination as you get recoil control of the gun, develop the memory for recoil, and learn the ins and outs of weapons.

In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, don’t go for a rank raise. Instead, you’ll land at military bases, hot spots like Nova, George, and Pochinki, which is roughly a flight path, and you must aim for maximum kills.

This process will reduce your KD ratio, but it will gradually increase as you improve your skills in the gameplay.

4. Take the High Ground

Snipping is about accuracy. With the M416 or Groza, at short range, you can rely somewhat on the swift barrage of bullets from these ARs to hit your enemy, but with snipers, you need to be precise.

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Needless to say, if you lose sight of your enemy behind a leaf, it’s an issue because you can’t shoot what you can’t see.

So, as a sniper, you should always try to position yourself high. Defensively, it gives you a good view of the battlefield, and on the other hand, it allows you to ward off threats from afar.

5. Loot Air Drops

Air drops almost always have a sniper rifle. If you are lucky enough, you can find here the AWM which is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game.

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Headshots with AWM can’t be stopped even with a Level 3 helmet, so make sure your aim is accurate. You will also find the Mk14 with Air Drops inside and it is indeed another great sniper rifle.

It can switch between single fire (for long range shooting) and automatic fire (for close combat) which makes it extremely versatile. Switch between 8x and 3x scopes for full combat efficiency with the Mk14.

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1 Kill three enemies within radius 50 meter without any single bullet miss;
2 All enemies must dead by headshot;
3 Only can be done for Platinum tier, solo mode;

1 Kill an enemy with AR Gun.
2 Kill an enemy with SMG Gun.
3 Kill an enemy with Sniper Gun.
4 Kill an enemy with Shot Gun.
5 Kill an enemy with Throwables (Grenades, Molotov cocktails)

1 Click on the current season icon on the bottom of the home screen.
2 Then click on rank below your tier.
3 You can see your current rank in your region there.