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top 5 most popular Pokemon trainers ranking in the world

Ash Ketchum wins a lot of battles, but he isn’t the strongest trainer in the Pokemon anime.

Like a lot of games, the Pokémon anime has a certain hierarchy of trainers. There are a bunch of people known for their fighting skills, but who are the true top dogs among them? These entries showcase the best trainers in anime.

Not all of them have official titles, but none of them should be messed with, whether it’s thanks to their Pokémon, some add-on like Mega Evolution, or pure strategic excellence.

Top 5 Best Trainers In The Pokémon

There are many great and respected Pokémon trainers in the world who have shown themselves to be capable fighters and strong friends. In the Pokémon world, being strong can get you far, but having other personality traits can earn respect and make you a complete trainer.

Ash’s Pokémon journey has certainly been a long one. On his adventures throughout the anime, he has encountered many trainers, be they friends, foes or rivals.

1. Cynthia

In the video game franchise, Cynthia appears as a guide several times in several titles. That being said, she’s also quite an intimidating Pokémon trainer.

His signature Pokémon is either Lusario or Garachomp, who serve as not only some of the franchise’s most popular mascots in recent years, but also some of the most powerful characters in the series.

And when these characters gain a mega-evolution in later titles, they become even more powerful. In the anime episode, Memories Made of Bliss!, Ash and company witness his respective battle with lifelong trainer Flint.

While Flint does quite well when all is said and done, Cynthia lives up to her title as league champion. Cynthia is not only one of the most well-designed characters in the entire franchise, but she’s also the first known Women’s League champion that gamers will face on their respective journeys.

2. Brandon

Pyramid King Brandon is the strongest of the Battle Frontier’s Frontier Brains. I have no doubt because he has all 3 legendary titans. According to Scott, he is at least level 4 Elite, who tells Ash that he should challenge him to level up.

Ash faces Brandon in 4v4, where, in the final round, our very own Pikachu puts his ground up against the mighty Regis. Had he caught Reggies instead of just befriending him, Brandon would have been much higher than he is.

He has a great story and his relationship with Paul and Reggie makes the arc important. When Brandon defeats Paul due to the latter’s raging feelings, we get a glimpse of what Ash and Paul’s entire fight has in store for us.

3. Ash Ketchum

Despite repeated impatience and naivete, Ash Ketchum’s entire Pokémon journey has been spent learning from mistakes, persevering, and overcoming obstacles.

Most of his major battles end with these traits gaining respect for Ash and his application to pressure regardless of the outcome. Their love for their Pokémon and their willingness to learn has often been seen to inspire others to improve themselves and their perspective of Pokémon.

He may not always make the best decisions, but his never-give-up attitude is something to be appreciated. All this plus the fact that he now has Pokémon League victories to his name.

4. Jessie

This Team Rocket member is one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise. He and his partner-in-crime James have been trying to get Pikachu away from our hero Ash for the past 23 seasons of the anime, but it’s not about him.

In your average episode, she might seem like a pushover, but in reality, she’s quite a formidable foe. Jesse has trained a number of powerful ‘mons’, including his recognizable Wobbuffett and his more recently important ally Mimikyu.

Additionally, she should be commended for her resilience, given that she hasn’t given up her goal of snatching that electric creature for over twenty years!

5. Professor Kukui

A professor, teacher, mentor, caretaker and beloved masked icon, Professor Kukui is truly an unsung hero of the adventures of the Sun and the Moon.

He is always there to mentor Ash and the other students and give them the push they need to improve themselves. his alter ego, ‘The Masked Royale’, is a respected figure in Alola and is regarded as a formidable, unbeatable Pokémon trainer.

While his identity is kept a secret for most of the series, his final exhibition match with Ash is a testament to how impressive and well-rounded his character is and has more than one capable Pokémon trainer.

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1 Claydol.
2 Shaymin-EX.
3 Mewtwo and Mew-GX.
4 Cleffa.
5 Mewtwo-EX.

1 Serena.
2 Dawn.
3 Misty.
4 Lillie.
5 May.
6 Chloe.
7 Lana.
8 Iris.

1 Mewtwo & Mew GX.
2 Zoroark GX.
3 Lugia Legend.
4 Pikachu (Original Japanese card art)
5 Shiny Charizard.
6 Presentation Blastoise.
7 Professor Oak.
8 Hama-chan’s Slowking.