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top 4 best animal farms to build in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is filled with all kinds of different mobs. There are living beings roaming the world – whether realistic or magical. Minecraft has almost all of this.

Not only does this make the game more interesting, but it also makes it more immersive and interactive for the players, especially those who play in the survival game mode in Minecraft. These AI-powered entities—or crowdfunding for short—may interact differently with the player.

Each player has a unique interaction towards being passive, neutral or hostile. They can also prove useful to players, using the mob-exclusive items they drop when they are killed to prepare the materials they need to survive.

How to Build an Animal Farm

Building an animal farm is a necessity in Minecraft – not only will it provide you with valuable resources and food, but it will also teach you lots of useful game mechanics along the way.

Building a bare-bones animal farm doesn’t take more than a few minutes, however, so building a high-end Minecraft horse stable and breeding base for a variety of animals can be a week-long project.

1. Pack Of Wolves

As most players already know, wolves were added to the game and are currently considered as “dogs” of Minecraft. As the saying goes: Dogs are man’s best friend. They are known for their loyalty to the player and will protect them from anyone who once harmed them.

What’s more, they can breed easily and recover their health when fed meat. Unfortunately, they will only arise inside forests, taiga, trees, old-growth taiga and snowy taiga biomes, including related variants of each of these biomes.

As such, players who want more loyal companions and want to tame more than one wolf should opt to build a wolf den in their base and drive them out.

Provide the two of them with some bone that the skeletons fall into and produce a wolf puppy. Do this over and over again, and you are likely to have a wolf army of your own to defend you and defend your base at all times.

2. A neat pig farm built by Carbon Gaming

This video explains very clearly how to make a simple pig farm in Minecraft. It’s too short at 3:51 minutes and even the newest players can keep up. He shows at the beginning of the video what a player needs.

Players must find at least two pigs to start this farm building. The pigs will need to be bred in a one-block space and instead of using the crowd unit cramming rule, this farm hunts down the babies and once they are older, they will drop into another hole.

At that point, all you have to do is push a button when they grow up. By pressing that button, lava is thrown at them and their drops are placed in the chest. It is also known that pork chops are one of the best food sources in Minecraft, so many players want to build a pig farm.

3. Chicken Coop

Chickens are another common idle mob that players can breed and farm for loot. They shed feathers and raw hen when killed, while surviving occasionally lay eggs. Their reproduction is easy as they will accept any seed as food and produce chicks upon breeding.

You can also throw away the eggs you collect from them so that the chicks can hatch as there is a 1/8 chance of a chick being born when the eggs break. One of the great things about building a chicken coop is that if you don’t have any seeds at the moment they can breed by throwing eggs alone.

Players can use their droppings such as feathers to make arrows for battle, and raw chicken meat as food for the hungry and keep their health bar full. Overall, the chicken coop is a pretty decent sustainable farm for your base to massively use, especially in survival mode.

4. Egg Farm

If you are looking to make a number of cakes, the above contraption will be very useful for you. The chickens sit in a 2×1 glass cage, the water pushing them towards the hopper.

When they lay an egg, it falls into a hopper that heads up a dispenser. Below that hopper is another hopper that goes into the chest. Half of the eggs from the redstone contraption on the right will move into the chest for you to lay, while the other half of the eggs will be ejected into the cage to make more chickens.

In a redstone contraption, a single dispenser is placed in a 1×1 hole underground at the bottom. This dispenser has a water bucket that will empty or fill each time it is operated. If the bucket is empty, the eggs will move to the chest. If it is full, it will set the cage on fire.

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1 XP Farm.
2 Gold Farm.
3 Creeper Farm.
4 Chicken Farm.
5 Piglin Battering Farm.
6 Hoglin Farm.
7 Stone Farm.
8 Sugarcane Farm.

1) Chicken farm. Story continues below ad. When cooked, chicken is one of the best food items in Minecraft.
2) Semi-automatic wheat farm. Story continues below ad.
3) Entity cramming cow farm. Story continues below ad.
4) Cobblestone generator. Story continues below ad.

1 Kelp XP Farm.
2 AFK Fish Farms.
3 Mob Spawner Farm.
4 Traditional Mob Grinder.
5 Cactus + Bamboo XP Farm.