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top 5 Best Video Games Based On True Stories

There are two types of gamers in the world: those who play for the score and those who play for the story.

The stories of the best video games can make an impact even more than a movie or book when they’re done well, and that’s precisely because you’re a part of it. It may have taken mediocre decades to get there, but in the end the best stories in video games can compete with Hollywood movies.

Whether dealing with emotionally open indies or AAA games that know how to empathize with their main character, there are countless reasons why we want to keep our virtual heroes alive. Buckle Up: These are the greatest (virtual) stories ever told.

Top 5 BEST History Video Games

If you’re really interested in good storytelling in your video games, these story-driven games with excellent plots will be right up your alley. Sports stay with us for many reasons.

Perhaps you have become accustomed to the circle of progress; Power up your character, unlock new gear, level up. Maybe the gameplay has enough variety and excitement to keep you hooked for hours. Perhaps you wanted to see every corner of the game’s vast open world.

1. The Saboteur

This open world third person shooter from Idle Pandemic Studios is another game based on real events of World War II. (What can we say, WWII was an eventful time.)

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Set in German-occupied France, player controller Sean Devlin, a hard-drinking Irish racecar mechanic who helps the Resistance’s effort to sabotage the Nazis.

Pandemic Devlin based on the real life of William Grover-Williams – a half English/half French Grand Prix champion who fled to France when the war broke out. Grover-Williams is later recruited by the British SOE and sent back to France as a spy. Sadly, this hero died for his country.

2. Assassin’s Creed III

Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed III back in 2012 as the fifth major installment of its major Assassin’s Creed series.

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The series has always focused on major real-life historical events and has even featured iconic historical characters such as Pope Alexander VI and Leonardo da Vinci. Assassin’s Creed III took place at the time of the American Revolution and depicts many important events in American history.

The game follows Connor and Desmond Miles as they participate in major historical events such as the Boston Massacre, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Paul Revere’s ride, and the iconic Boston Tea Party. The game also accurately depicts an open world set in 18th century New York City and Boston.

3. That Dragon Cancer

That Dragon Cancer is not based on a well-known historical event, but on the intimate personal experience of two parents losing their child.

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It’s a real-life phenomenon that will rock anyone inside, and designers and writers for the game Ryan Greene and Amy Greene used the setting of the video game to tell their personal heartbreaking story.

This is one of those games that only needs to be played once but has to be played all the way through. It’s well designed, the style is catchy, and the subject matter is enough to make anyone sympathize and feel the pain.

4. Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters takes place in a universe with parallel cyberpunk futuristic and magical fantasy worlds. You control multiple characters as they explore the environment, continue the story, and solve puzzles.

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There are no combat or stealth elements in the game, with Dreamfall instead focusing the player on discovering mysteries through exploration and making important choices that change parts of the story. The title serves as the third and final installment of The Longest Journey series.

The game has been adapted for PC (opens in a new window), but has also been ported to Xbox One and PS4 (opens in a new window). You can get the first two games—The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey—in a bundle (opens in a new window) on Steam.

5. No. 70: Eye of Basir

Horror Exploration Game, No. 70: Eye of Basir, has you investigate your character’s childhood home after his grandmother passed away.

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Having apparently seen paranormal entities as a child, once your brother goes missing in the house, it’s up to you to figure out what happened. The game’s director, Volkan Demir, said, “House number 70 is out there.

The game is based on real events that happened in the same house decades ago.” Although he never advances in the history of said house, the game is a giant horror- It’s festive and worth taking as long as you’re not afraid of the dark.

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1 Portal 2.
2 Shadow of the Colossus.
3 Batman: Arkham City.
4 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
5 Braid.
6 God of War.
7 BioShock Infinite.
8 Red Dead Redemption.

1 Life Is Strange: True Colors – 83.5/100.
2 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – 80/100.
3 Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – 79.9/100.
4 Life Is Strange 2 – 79.4/100.
5 Life Is Strange – 79.2/100.

1 Contra.
2 Mega Man 9.
3 Flywrench.
4 1001 Spikes.
5 Dota 2.