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5 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft {june 2022}

Looking for ideas for building things in Minecraft? We all know that Minecraft is full of infinite possibilities, especially when it comes to construction.

With the right types and quantities and structures of blocks, there really is no limit to what can be built. The trick is figuring out what to make next!

Below you’ll find 24 amazing Minecraft construction ideas that will inspire you from small, practical constructions like bridges and storage rooms to huge aesthetic projects like castles, towns and skyscrapers. Take a browse below and see if anything captures your fancy!

most useful thing to build in Minecraft

We’ve covered builds at various difficulty levels. For your convenience, we have mentioned the difficulty of each construction in its description. Plus, our list isn’t ranked by any means, so use the table below to explore these ideas at your convenience.

1. Minecraft Farm Build

Everyone needs a farm in Minecraft to grow their own food and supplies. You can build a simple farm for essentials like trees and wheat, or create a more fancy farm outside with a windmill and barn.

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Another option is to build an indoor or underground farm, but that would be more work. Crops need light to grow, so you need to make sure there is enough light from a torch, lantern or lamp.

A cool Minecraft farm idea can be to build a glass greenhouse using natural light to grow your crops. The greenhouse will keep out animals and crowds, but you should still lighten it a bit so it doesn’t get crowded at night.

2. A Safe Mine

Initially, in your Minecraft adventure, you probably don’t want to stray too far from your spawn because you don’t have the necessary equipment to survive every encounter.

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Therefore, it is a smart idea to build a mine near your home – maybe even inside it. That way, you have quick access to a place where you can collect resources.

Plus, if you light the place with a torch and don’t accidentally go into a cave, it should be a very safe place to work, where you won’t be bothered by many crowds. To build something like this, you only have to dig the ground.

3. Decorate A House

Already built a house that looks immaculate? think again! There are many texture packs in Minecraft, whether on PC or console, that can enhance the appearance of a house.

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Do some renovations to an already built home to show off those creative and architectural chops amidst a growing number of other user-built Minecraft homes on the web.

Is there a fridge in that house too? There are many lesser-known items that can be kept in the home. If that doesn’t satisfy, build a patio, or a fancy storage room.

4. Pirate Ship

A pirate ship is one of the most impressive constructions you can have in your world!

image source :

A big ship shows off your skills as a builder and your technical ability to build large scale projects! This image shows you layer by layer how to build your own ship that will dominate your ocean!

Building these out of light wood and using dark wood where the ship meets the water gives a very detailed effect that will make your design look so much better! And why not put some vines or moss stones near the base of your ship for a quirky effect!

5. Torches

When deep into one of Minecraft’s many cave systems, torches are as essential as a pickaxe. Not only do they light up dark caves so you can see what materials and monsters are around, but they show you where you are.

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It’s easy to get lost underground, so having a flashlight can keep you from finding the same spot twice. They’re also useful for lighting up your home, or any place you don’t want monsters to breed.

All you need is sticks and coal or charcoal to make a torch. The former can be found through mining, while the latter is made by burning wood in a kiln. To craft them, simply place coal or charcoal in the middle of the crafting grid, and hold the stick down.

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1 Elytra Launcher.
2 Trash Bin.
3 Vending Machine.
4 Micro-Crop Farm.
5 Armor Wardrobe.
6 Xray Machine.
7 Kelp Farm.

1 Gather Blocks.
2 Get A Water Bucket.
3 Finding A Kelp.
4 Go To The Nether.
5 Build Four Columns.
6 Placing The Door.
7 Filling Up The Elevator.
8 Filling The Water With Kelp.

1 Foyer.
2 Crafting room.
3 Smelting room.
4 Storage room.
5 Entrance to your mine.
6 Bedroom.
7 Brewery.
8 Enchanting room.