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Free Fire OB34 new May update patch notes: New guns G36, M24, map, Link system, and more

Free Fire follows a set OB update schedule that happens every two months. However, the game is unable to receive any updates due to restrictions and subsequent removal of the game from the App Store and Play Store.

The Free Fire Max version is only available on the Play Store, and Garena has only the Free Fire Max version of the game for the new May OB34 update.

Following the announcement of the next patch by Free Fire, the developers have now provided an overview of changes to the game. This patch adds the much-anticipated Link system, as well as new weapons and other features.

As a result, this article will help you discover everything you need to know about Free Fire OB34 – New May 25 Update.

Free Fire MAX OB34 features (India Server)

Luckily for players, Garena has already announced the patch’s release date, and gamers won’t have to wait long.

Additionally, they have also provided a comprehensive overview of upcoming changes, including several character adjustments, Craftland updates, and other additions.


Weapons are at the core of Free Fire MAX, and the developers regularly make amendments to them to offer better gunplay. In this department, users will have the new G36 and M24 available after the update.

The former is an assault rifle that features multiple modes, while the latter is a Sniper Rifle with a high rate of fire and good mobility. Additionally, the M500 will also receive an animation upgrade.

Craftland upgrade

Since its release, Craftland has been the subject of interest in Free Fire Max and the developers have continually added new features to further refine the mod. This time around, Garena has added five different types of zombies and an interactable tower.

They have offered players more freedom with the Craftland mode and map editing features. Players can incorporate the mechanics of modes like Clash Squad or Team Deathmatch to ensure a fun experience.

In addition, a new mini map view called Isle of Champs is also available, which will make fighting in a smaller area even more exciting.

Free Fire MAX OB34 APK Download link

A fair warning is available before visiting the link. It’s important to know that the fastest, safest and easiest way to update apps is by visiting the official Google Play Store. AP file only if you have trouble re-reading Free Fire Max. It is a standard for the locals.

If this would have been the case for you, we’ve got you covered. Download the free Fire MAX OB34 or OBB files below. The update is not live at this time. We’ll add new liens to files as they become available.

  • Free Fire MAX OB34 APK Download link (when its live).
  • Free Fire m2 download link. It is no longer available after our last live license.

How to install free Fire MAX OB34 APK

If you have a limited mobile data plan, be sure to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network before downloading files. This update will probably be around 600MB for Android devices.

So, check if you have enough space on your device for download and installation. To help with this, we recommend drinking at least two glasses of water. Follow these steps until the update is finished.

  • Download free Fire MAX OB34 and OBB files.
  • Open your device’s Settings.
  • Follow the steps to the safety and security section.
  • Select Install app from unknown sources.
  • Do a search for an APK file, and tap Install.
  • Once you install the OBB file, export it to Android > com.dts.freefireth.
  • Open Free Fire and allow it to download any additional updates.
  • Fill out your account.

And that’s it, the installation is complete. With Latest Updates, you will have full access to the latest updates. Have fun, and you’re having good luck!

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