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TOP 5 Ranking the Best Minecraft Enemy  Mobs

From creepers to piglins, Minecraft has a whole host of hostile mobs. Today, we’re ranking the strongest of them all.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and for good reason. The block-placed sandbox gives players an unparalleled amount of freedom in exploring, shaping, and conquering their worlds.

For those playing in Survival Mode, however, not everything is so calm and peaceful. The dimensions of Minecraft are full of creatures (called mobs) and many of them extremely powerful, posing serious danger to players.

most powerful mobs in Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is full of some of the most beautiful and unique creatures, most of them a pleasure to be around and others not so much, in this case, we will talk about the creatures you need to try before Must think twice.

They have nowhere to go, so here is our list of the top 5 most powerful mobs in Minecraft.

1. Elder Guardian

Once you find yourself face to face on the bottom of the ocean, this pufferfish-looking creature is even scarier than it looks.

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A Guardian’s sole purpose is to protect the monuments of the sea and the treasures they hold and they will undoubtedly attack anything that comes their way; Whether it’s a dolphin, a squid.

or an innocent player swimming in search of treasure, the Guardian will run in full force, whether it uses its spikes or a laser, the Guardian will not give anyone an easy fight.

2. Drowned

With the 1.13 Aquatic update, a new hostile mob became known as the Drowns. These water based zombie-like creatures swimming in the depths of the ocean will try to attack any player unfortunately.

image source : Cubey

They also have their own ruins which they patrol underwater. The submerged are actually quite a significant mob as they have the chance to walk around with the rare trident weapon, which can only be looted from them.

In addition, players wishing to make a groove may want to hunt something submerged, as they sometimes have the chance to hold a nautilus shell in their hand as well.

3. Enderman

These strange units will leisurely explore the overworld grabbing blocks and transports of various distances. But these gentle giants will absolutely lose it if the player looks at them in a funny way.

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He immediately opened his teeth and charged the player with frightening speed. Even if the player manages to sink into a cave or small space too small for the Endermen, they will be teleporting into that area as if to trick the player into leaving their hiding place.

Worse yet, the player has to face them if they want to travel to the end, where they will be waiting in large groups.

4. Ghasts

One of the creepier hostile mobs in the game, Ghost is a Nether-only spawn with a runner-up badge as the second strongest mob in all of Minecraft.

image source : Mikecrack

Even though the health bars for these mobs are a bit on the lower side (five full hearts), their ability to fly past blocks and take cover makes them all the more dangerous.

Ghost Fireballs hit with a force of 12.5 hearts, which is slightly more than the 1.25 player health bar. In case you’re wondering, this means that without the proper equipment you will be very, very dead. We don’t need to remind you that the Netherlands is a scary place. Prepare accordingly!

 5. Spider Jockey

There is a 1% chance of becoming a spider jockey with the skeleton of a spider. These 2 creatures attack individually and take damage.

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If the spider is killed, the skeleton attacks again and vice versa. A spider jockey can kill himself. Sometimes the skeleton’s arrow injures the spider and other times the spider’s spear can cause the skeleton to stab itself with its own arrow.

Spider jockeys are nimble and hard to kill. The skeleton on his back constantly shoots arrows at the player. After killing Spider Jockey, players will get double the amount of loot compared to other mobs.

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1 Illager Patrol.
2 Elder Guardian.
3 Wither.
4 Ender Dragon.
5 Conclusion.

1 Whispering Spear.
2 Firebrand.
3 Elite Power Bow.
4 Dark Katana.
5 Whirlwind.
6 Heartstealer.
7 Imploding Crossbow.
8 Grave Bane.

1 Azalea blocks(Image via Minecraft)
2 TNT block (Image via Minecraft)
3 Scaffolding (Image via Mojang)
4 Slime blocks (Image via Minecraft)