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best ways to get free diamonds for Free Fire MAX in June 2022

Free Fire Diamonds are premium in-game currencies, similar to UC in BGMI. They can be used to buy costumes, guns, and vehicle skins, among other things, in Free Fire or Free Fire Max.

Since this is a premium currency, diamonds cannot be earned by simply playing Free Fire or Free Fire Max. However, there are some legitimate ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to earn some diamonds, check out the below methods to get Free Fire diamonds.

#1: Google Opinion Rewards

For the longest time, Google Opinion Rewards has dominated getting paid through online surveys. But, come on, we are talking about Google. You can count on Google Opinion Rewards immediately after hearing this.

What the app basically does is it allows you to answer surveys and earn Google Play credits. You can then use these credits for any in-app purchases. It is definitely super duper convenient and handy. Quick Tip Have realistic expectations and don’t fall for the Google View Rewards Unlimited survey scams.

Take it slow and easy. Gradually, you will accumulate enough amount to get Diamonds in FF MAX. Overall, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best alternatives to Free Fire Max Free Diamonds!

#2: BOOYAH! Events

Boyah! Free Fire Max and Standard Free Fire is the official Free Fire app for all types of players. It allows players to stream their content, participate in various events and watch streams to win exciting in-game prizes. From cool in-game skins to vouchers and more, you can create so much more with BOYAH!

Now you have to be very patient to get the diamond. Just like with Google Opinion Rewards, collecting diamonds takes time. Besides, it also takes luck for you to appear before them.

But, persevere enough, and you’ll get not only diamonds but also many amazing in-game goodies. This will definitely take your gameplay to the next level and is one of the best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire Max.

#3. Giveaways and custom rooms

Many streamers, content creators and YouTubers host giveaways and custom rooms on their channels. The first is luck-based, while in the Custom Room, the players who emerge victorious are awarded the grand prize.

It’s important to note that neither of these two techniques can ensure that players get free diamonds in Free Fire Max.

#4. Poll Pay

There are a plethora of GPT (Get-Paid-To) applications available on mobile platforms, and Poll Pay seems like a good option that people can use. The app requires users to participate in various tasks such as surveys and polls.

Later, they can redeem money from the tasks through one of the proposed methods like PayPal Cash and Gift Card.

#5. Redeem Codes

Redeem codes have become one of the most efficient techniques to get free gifts in Free Fire Max. Each code consists of 12/16 characters, and users can easily redeem them using the Rewards Redemption site, provided by Garena.

However, these codes can expire after a certain period of time and only work on the server for which they were issued. Individuals are advised to keep up to date on all current redeem codes for their servers in order to receive rewards such as diamonds, costume bundles and other exclusive items.

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