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Top 5 best Games Like Valorant In 2022

Riot Games’ popular competitive shooter game, Valorant, has been a huge hit for its MOBA-like take on the shooter genre.

However, it is not the only shooter game on the market in 2022 that offers this unique experience. Titles like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and others have paved the way for shooters in the past and influenced the genre in a big way.

For example, Riot’s take on the competitive shooter game bears close resemblance to CSGO in terms of gameplay, however, it still stands out as it introduces new elements.

For those already invested in shooter games for a long time, this article will suggest five titles that deliver a similar experience.

Free games like Valorant for PC

If you can’t get enough of the competitive FPS goodness in Valorant, you’ll love these similar games. It’s incredible to see how much the free-to-play multiplayer scene has exploded with online games.

Every company is trying to get a piece of this craze and while many titles may bleed together and seem derivative of each other, it has taken some developers to really challenge the genre and bring something fun and different. has prompted.

1. The Outer Worlds

While The Outer Worlds is not something that comes to mind when talking about games similar to Valorant, it is a fun experience from start to finish.

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The story is quite addictive and you find yourself playing it for hours without realizing it. Players must explore many alien planets and survive and hunt down enemies before they find you.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously but it still has some amusing and gritty moments that can keep players guessing. Now that a sequel has been announced, there’s no better time than now to play The Outer Worlds.


Destiny 2 and Valorant are a bit more similar when it comes to combat and gameplay. The shooter is much better than its predecessor in many ways. Like Valorant, Destiny 2 has a tactical layer of depth.

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Although Valorant offers a minimalistic art style to provide better readability for its players, Game 2’s graphics are surreal and stunning. There’s a lot to do in Destiny 2. You will find many avenues for public events that reward people for this.

Combat in PvP Crucible, planet-specific challenges, pawn missions, lost territories, and loot-filled treasures. In short, all these activities will keep you engaged.

3. Borderlands 3

Some players prefer all aspects of Valorant, except for its competitive side. Borderlands is an excellent choice for those who want a hero shooter with good guns and no scoreboard.

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Especially for those who might enjoy its loot system and RPG elements. The game features many memorable characters such as Doctor Patricia Tanis and Claptrap. Borderlands 3 is the most recent and best game in the franchise.

It features characters who have distinctive personalities and unique play styles. It has many different guns, abilities, items and adventures in alien worlds and can also be played cooperatively.

4. Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov’s setting and escape from the story are fictional but intended to imitate real life.

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Two private paramilitary organizations are using the fictional area of ​​Norvinsk as their battlefield, and the main objective of the game appears in the title. The developers intended the game to be gritty, realistic, and hardcore, so death means losing almost every earned item.

This is why Escape From Tarkov is only available on Windows and has been in closed beta mode since 2017. However, it has a dedicated following and is a must-see for those dedicated to playing a more grounded FPS.

5. Overwatch

Overwatch is definitely a game worth playing. While some may argue that it outperforms Valorant in many aspects, it is ultimately up to you to decide which one you love best.

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The game sees you control heroes with unique abilities in a fast-paced gunplay. It has some dynamic locations, and like Valorant, you need to be alert at all times as enemies are lurking in every direction.

With that said, the difference between these two games is not huge, and players will greatly appreciate the fast-paced gunplay offered by both.

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1 United States – 22.53%
2 Brazil – 6.72%
3 Turkey – 6.22%
4 Philippines – 5.73%
5 Indonesia – 4.00%

1 Cypher.
2 Reyna.
3 Chamber.
4 Breach.
5 C tier.
6 Phoenix.
7 Brimstone.
8 Yoru.

1 Limit FPS – Off.
2 Display Mode – Fullscreen.
3 Material Quality – Low.
4 Texture Quality – Low.
5 Detail Quality – Low.
6 V-Sync – Off.
7 Anti-Aliasing – None.
8 Enhanced Gun Skin Visuals – Off.