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Which action RPG has the best combat?

One of the main components of an RPG is the combat system. This article lists only those top RPGs that have shown themselves from the best side in terms of fighting. In the RPG genre, there are various criteria that are guided by the gamers.

Some people prefer isometric designs, others prefer titles with a detailed universe, and still others appreciate an emotional story. But there are those who enjoy RPGs the most while fighting, immersed in dynamic battles.

There is also a separate subgenre for such projects: Action-RPG. The best games in this category boast addictive gameplay, thanks to which the gameplay becomes more intense, making the player feel like he is in his character’s place.

Which RPG has the best combat system?

RPG is either made or broken by the quality of its combat mechanics – today, we’re counting down the RPGs that did it the best in terms of action.

Some players prefer their RPGs with complex themes, some with an isometric perspective allowing better combat calculations, some involving a party of heartfelt adventurers with a heart-wrenching story. But then there are those who prefer the way of the sword to the way of the strategist.

1. Diablo Series

There are some RPG fans who don’t know the name Diablo, and there’s a very good reason for that.

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This dungeon-crawling powerhouse has developed an action-focused formula that remains a genre standard.

With a fourth entry and a remastered version of Diablo II on the horizon, many players are returning to the classic series to visit dungeons again. Because it focused on action rather than strategy, the series practically created a new subgenre, making it a wholly immortal title.

2. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was released in 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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It was developed by 38 Studios including Ken Rolston of The Elder Scrolls, artist Todd MacFarlane and fantasy writer R.A. The RPG Dream Team. Salvatore. Reckoning is one of the most accessible and impressive combat systems seen in a Western RPG.

It plays like a 3D action game similar to the God of War series, but allows the player an incredible amount of flexibility in the development of character stats. The remastered version of the game was released in 2020 for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

3. Deathloop

A game that came out recently, some might consider it similar to Dishonored – and those people are right because Deathloop was made by Arkane Studios.

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What’s so mind-blowing about this game? The ability to experience combat in 2 ways – directly and stealthily.

A whole new set of magical abilities that will set your robotic enemies on fire in the sky, teleporting with cool effects and visuals, breaking necks – this game is just awesome. Every time you die, you return to your previous area, hence the name!

4. Grandia

When Grandia first rose to prominence, it was because of its inventive combat system. Characters had HP, MP, Initiative Points (used for special attacks) and what not.

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The turn order for party members and enemies was arranged on a linear timeline, influenced by position and distance from the target. this meant that you could attack an enemy before they could attack and run away, which might have missed their attacks.

In addition, using certain attacks, it was possible to outright cancel the enemy’s actions, sending them back to the front line. The right mix of cancels, special attacks (some that doubled as cancels) and magic made it possible to avoid unheard battles entirely.

5. Dark Souls 3

Bandai Namco’s Tales series has offered up some great RPGs over the years, but Tales of Arise has changed things in a big way.

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The vast areas to explore with great visual fidelity, and the most notable changes are the high-budget cutscenes and skits between characters.

And while combat still relies on individual areas for combat and AG for arts, new mechanics like dodge, counter edge, boost attack, and boost strike change things up significantly. You’ll expand combos to quickly eliminate enemies, employ boost attacks to create windows of opportunity, and much more.

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1 The Batman: Arkham Series.
2 Horizon Zero Dawn.
3 Sleeping Dogs.
4 Red Dead Redemption 2.
5 God of War (2018)
6 Far Cry 5.
7 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.