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Top 5 best robot games on PC in june 2022

Which are the best pc robot games? It’s time to transform into a powerful robot with rockets and lasers that was once as old as anime. Classic shows from the 80s and 90s such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion encouraged the mecha anime genre and caused crowd damage.

Given that those anime themselves were inspired by a manga written in the 40s and 50s, Superman Combat’s appeal spans generations. Having a solid history with a wide range of play styles for you to play, it ensures that everyone involved is given the opportunity to experience it.

Imagine yourself a gearhead with a knack for micro-management of mech components and deliberate, diligent robo warfare? The good news: There’s a game for you. The bad news is that there may be too many options.

However, we’ve reviewed this list of the 5 best PC games to play, and took special care to represent as many different genres as possible. So if you want to get into the realm of robot games, this is a great place to start.

top 5 Best Robot Games For PC

Robots are a familiar companion from our childhood, and have you ever wanted to be a robot and protect your galaxy? Don’t worry technology takes care of everything we want.

Robot game which you can play on your computer, tablet as well as android phone. Players are basically attracted towards graphics and high quality techniques. Also, the plot of the game.

1. BattleTech

Do you prefer more graphical games, BattleTech is one of the best games you can choose to play on your computer. Being something raw and doing so much action is playable.

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It is a mecha turn-based video game released in 2018. Developed by Harebrained Schemes, designed entirely by Jordan Weisman, and published by Paradox Interactive. What thrills about this awesome game is the story.

The year is 3025 and the universe is caught in a cycle of endless warfare, which is attacked by great houses of war with giant, mechanized combat vehicles called Battlemechs.

Grow your starfighting base of operations, contract moderate mercenaries with the Feudal Lords, repair and maintain your stable to develop battlematches, and execute devastating conflict tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

2. MechWarrior Online

One of the most popular online mech games today is MechWarrior Online, and for good reason.

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Taking tactical, realistic gameplay from previous MechWarrior games, developer Piranha Games has created an online experience unlike any other.

Part of this is down to the fact that the game was first released in 2013, setting the modern online shooter before the likes of Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone. As such, MechWarrior Online can be seen as old fashioned or light on content.

But for Battletech fans or just mechs in general, this is exactly the kind of game you want. It’s a hardcore, tactical experience that requires teamwork, as the battle is vast and one wrong move can be your end.


Titanfall 2 on this list is the one game in which you don’t have 100% combat sitting inside your mech. Mech jockeys are usually useless without a lot of mechanized steel to do their bidding.

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In Titanfall 2 you’re not just waiting until your Titan can be summoned down. No, you will continue the fight on foot. In the single-player campaign, you play as Jack Cooper. Cooper is just an ordinary rifleman who is attached to Titan by circumstance.

The fast action and parkour moves that Cooper delivers are unlike typical Mach combat while in the driver’s seat. The single-player campaign is short (under 10 hours) and when it’s over you’ll wish there was more to it. At least until you get into multiplayer.

In multiplayer, you’re not out of battle even when you’re not in your Titan. Keep fighting until you can jump onto the enemy’s Titan’s back, take out his battery, and get back on your Titan to get it up and running.

4. Phantom

While purely offensive strategy is far more common, in Battle Robot the game can also be won by scoring more points than capturing points.

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The Phantom isn’t a very aggressive robot (it only has one medium and two light weapons) but it makes up for it by focusing on capturing points. Phantom’s ability, Blink, increases speed by 50% and reduces damage done by robots.

As such, the robot can cover long distances and deflect any projectiles that come in its path. This comes in addition to fairly high hit points, making the Phantom an excellent choice for one point fighting without falling under enemy fire.

5. Brigador

If you’re looking for a modern take on MechWarrior, Brigador will be right up your alley. Set in a futuristic, cyberpunk world, the presentation differs greatly from the gritty realism of MechWarrior, but the gameplay is very similar.

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It’s a slow-paced, isometric action game where you take control of a mech and complete a series of missions as a mercenary pilot. Like many of the games on this list, Brigadore takes pride in its customization. You have a lot of freedom to design whatever mech and tank you want.

The difference is that the difficulty of the game is tied to how well you build your mech for each scenario, which makes the customization seem more impressive in terms of looks.

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1 Minecraft. image credit:
2 Fortnite. image credit:
3 Among us. image credit:
4 Rocket league. image credit:

1 Lovestruck Voltage.
2 Friday Night Funkin.
3 Twilight Imperium.
4 Outriders.
5 Gyee.
6 Starlancer.
7 Grand Piece Online (Roblox)
8 Bugsnax.

2 Fortnite Battle Royale.
3 Apex Legends.
4 League of Legends (LOL)
5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
6 Hearthstone.
7 Minecraft.
8 DOTA 2.