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Top 5 Best FPS Games on PC {june 2022}

First-person shooters are consistently some of the biggest titles in the gaming industry.

A range of titles are offered each year for both casuals and professionals, whether it’s parachuting in a battle royale after work, playing through an immersive campaign, competing with the world’s best players, or A little bit of each.

Some of the following FPS titles are old, others are new, but each of them is unique in its own right. Shooters share many forms, from traditional 5v5 shooters to 100-person battle royale.

No matter which genre you gravitate towards, the following list contains several important “best” ideas: replayability, an enjoyable multiplayer experience, a solid competitive scene, and countless hours of fun. Here are the top FPS games to play in 2022.

FPS games are the dominant game in the gaming market, and it is not unreasonable to recognize them as such. Each aspect of these games can really mesmerize the players, and they deserve our time.

The gaming industry mostly revolves around these FPS games. And from zombies to hell, they’re always of great interest to anyone in the field. So today, from this guide, we are going to look at some of the best FPS games in 2022.

1. Halo: Infinite

After Halo: Reach, 343 Industries took over the development of Halo from Bungie, and the starting line has had some problems since then. Halo 4 and 5 were not well received by fans, so the developers took their time with their next outing.

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Halo: Infinite came out in late 2021 and met (mostly) fans’ expectations for the first time in 343’s history. While the campaign was probably one of the better ones in the entire series, the free-to-play multiplayer took the spotlight as well.

Despite lacking some features from the original, Halo: Infinite’s co-op and PvP multiplayer was a much-needed revival that fans enjoyed. The Mjolnir adaptation was at its peak, while the action and gunplay were in sync with older Halo games.

There were several modes to play, as some classics such as Big Team Battle and Capture the Flag made a comeback. Currently, it is in its second season of FPS multiplayer content.

2. CS: GO

CS:GO is the OG of multiplayer FPS games, the big father of competitive titles. Developed by Valve Studios, CS: GO released in 2012 is a beast that continues its legacy in first-person shooters.

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The game holds the title of most played FPS game with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. You take the place of either the terrorists who plant the bombs or the counter-terrorists who try to defuse the bombs, a formula that countless other FPS games have borrowed.

GO adds new maps, weapons and game modes that improve upon the tried and tested Counter-Strike formula. So, choose your team, defuse the bomb and wait for the “terrorists to win”.

3. Exomecha

Not a second goes by without shots fired or something exploding in Exomecha’s reveal trailer, and it gives some measure of what new developer Twisted is out to achieve.

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Exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PC, the offer here is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter with a futuristic bent.

There’s more than a touch of Crysis in what’s shown so far: shoot things on the beach, punch futuristic muscle people on the beach, drive jeeps in the same aforementioned environment.

Then the mechs are triggered, and all bets are off. These things swallow up the sky with their scale, and their melee combat looks good enough to make your k:d forget for a minute and just watch the spectacle.

4. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is easily one of the best shooting games available for PC. It focuses on two teams competing with each other for a common objective.

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The game-play is simple; You choose a character from nine possible characters and make your way to the team. As a team member, your collective objective is to capture the other team’s valuable assets.

Three game modes include King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Payload. In the latter, one team pushes a car through all of the opposite team’s checkpoints within a time limit, while the opponents do their best to stop them.

5. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown This mix of PvP and PvP, is underpinned by serious tension. You take on the role of a hunter with the clear objective of killing an AI “boss” hidden somewhere on the map.

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The trouble is that other squads are trying to do the same. Die and you lose your equipment forever. Survive, and you’ll not only keep your stuff, but get some loot as well. That’s the stress for you – every attempt in the dark can turn into disaster.

The audio design is also sterling in Hunt: Showdown too, with bullets that sound from miles away, and a swarm of chains that can help you spot an enemy that’s chasing you nearby. Even swapping out your weapon or reloading in quiet moments can give your situation away. It’s an FPS that’s different than anything else right now.

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1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
2 Halo 3.
3 Doom Eternal.
4 BioShock.
5 Halo: Combat Evolved.
6 Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.
7 Doom 1993.
8 Half-Life: Alyx.

1 Apex Legends.
2 Overwatch.
3 Minecraft.
4 Dota 2.
5 Grand Theft Auto V.
6 Sea of Thieves.
7 League of Legends.

1 Aspect.
2 Kraken.
3 Bender.
4 Lynch.
5 Big Papa.
6 Mad Dog.
7 Bowser.
8 O’Doyle.