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Minecraft: the 5 best Addons in the game

Almost every player begins their journey in the realm of Minecraft in an easy difficulty-level world with default settings. Eventually, players switch to Normal and Hard difficulty.

Hardcore mode is the final hard stage in Vanilla Minecraft, after playing the hardest difficulty. Even if the game never ends, players can get tired of the game. Players can install addons to spice up the vanilla gameplay and make the game enjoyable again.

Like the Java Edition contains mods, the Bedrock Edition allows the addon to make changes to the game. Minecraft has one of the largest modding communities, with thousands of enthusiastic developers creating mods and addons. In this article, players can find some of the best addons for Bedrock Edition.

Top 5 Minecraft Addons For your Interesting Gameplay

As a Minecraft player, you are probably no stranger to mods. You know, those cute little packages you add to your game to make it ten times more interesting. Whether they are cosmetic, gameplay related, or otherwise, good Minecraft mods can really improve the gameplay experience.

Minecraft Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition do much the same. Minecraft Addons are downloadable treats that can give your game something extra to spice it up.

1. Mutant Creatures

If those hostile Minecraft mobs have lost their fear-inducing mojo, it may be time for an update. Or, in this case, an addon.

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JujuStyle7’s Mutant Creatures addon boosts the creep factor to a decent five or so by turning existing mobs into straight-up nightmare fuel. Fast zombies with big heads. Creepy creepers with four (!!!) legs.

Wicked drowned who can summon the trident wielding minions. In fact, really think about it before you install it—especially if you’re only in it for the cosmetic creep. Because this Minecraft add-on also beefs up mutant mobs.


Given that they trade valuables throughout the day, you’d think the villagers would be able to defend themselves a bit.

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But a villager’s main defensive strategy is to hope that an iron golem will come to their rescue when they have already started attacking! Those big-nosed dopes have long needed a common sense add-on.

Instead, this add-on spawns a new horde of ‘Village Guards’, dressed in striking chainmail and capable of using deadly weapons. Monsters should be worried! And thieves too, come to think of it. It would be better to give back all that we ‘borrowed’.

3. Mob Towers

Raiding naturally occurring structures in Minecraft and collecting all the different loot is always a fun feat.

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This Minecraft PE addon allows players to do exactly that by adding eight new types of mob towers for raiding and looting. Each mob tower varies based on the biome they generate.

The loot within the structure is determined by what kind of mob tower it is. Finally, at the top of the Mob Tower, players will face a mini-boss – the Tower Golem. Unlike the Iron Golem, the Tower Golem does not drop iron ingots, but does drop some diamond pieces.

4. Morph Plus

Morph Plus is a simple Minecraft addon that allows gamers to appear in 30 different types of mobs.

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Gamers get their looks and skills only when they come in the crowd. In this addon the Enderman can teleport, the Flame Hearth can shoot, the Snow Golem can shoot Snowballs, and much more with completely different talents and strengths.

But one must be very cautious as many mobs have debuffs as well. For example, the zombie starts burning in broad daylight, the enderman takes damage from rain or water, and so on. You can verify the Morph Plus Addon for Minecraft here.


Good thing we were sitting down when we learned that over 3 million of you have made More Chairs the second most popular add-on.

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Apparently armed villagers, giant robots and even dragons (dragons mad at you!) were no match for how much you like to sit comfortably.

Then again, in a game that lets you design the home of your dreams, who are we who want to be comfortable in style to judge you? The beach chair alone reminds us why we try to spend at least 98% of our free time sitting.

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