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Want to be a pro? Here are the best tips and tricks for pubg mobile

Pubg Mobile is a battle royale type game on mobile. It is a very realistic game and is a favorite among BR players.

In this game, you have to face 100 players in a death match, a “one man stand” where only one remains! An intense esport with multiple modes: Charge, 4v4 Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode.

Over a billion of you have downloaded the game on iOS and Android, and more than half of you want to know the secrets to winning on PUBG Mobile! In this article, we explain how to progress and become better. Let’s not waste time, here are our tips and tricks to become a pro on pubg mobile and finish top 1! I

PUBG Tips and Tricks to Play Better

Many gamers love the battle royale game because of the action, challenges and thrill. If you’re part of the action-driven crew, then PUBG has everything you need and more.

But we understand that it is usually difficult for beginners to win the game. So, if you want to become a better PUBG Mobile player, our tips and tricks given below will help you a lot.

1. Be smart

You should already know this, but you need to make sure you are always in a safe zone. Stay in the blue zone long enough, and you’ll die. If you find yourself outside the safe zone, you will have to move towards the white line on the mini-map.

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But before that you wait a little. Running ahead leaves you open to attack. Tap the mini-map to expand it and see how far it is. If it’s close, you can turn around a bit and pick up any other players who make the break for the safe zone.

There is a timer located above a bar just below the mini-map. How much time do you have before the map closes.

Once it starts to close, a little man will appear. this is you. The further to the right of the man, the closer you are to the safe zone. The blue that fills the bar is the blue area, and you can quickly guess how close you are to it.

2. Pick the right weapon, equipment

PUBG Mobile is full of in-game weapons, which means you have a wide array of weapons and types of equipment to choose from. One can go for AK-47 thinking that it is the best rifle.

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It does not work that way. The type of weapon you choose depends on what kind of battle awaits you. If you’re looking for close-range fights, an SMG or a shotgun should do the trick.

If you are planning to shoot enemies from some distance, then you should opt for rifle. However, if you plan to see all in one sitting, you should opt for something like the Kar-98 with 8x zoom scope.

Also, since the game allows you to carry two major weapons and a pistol, you should choose the combination wisely. Picking up two Kar-98s you’ll definitely be hitting on a pint. With a rifle or shotgun, you should always prefer to carry an SMG.

3. Jump carefully

Jumping Battlefield is your launchpad in the game. Think carefully about where and when you want to jump.

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If you jump too quickly, you’ll need to land as quickly as possible to collect weapons and start hitting opponents. If you jump too late, you won’t find players around you for miles.

You’ll just waste time running from pillar to post to kill players. Populated areas are the general favorite among jumpers, but it is always better to jump with your gang than to follow your own inclination. This can leave you lonely and exposed.

4. Find the perfect spot

If you’re a regular, you already know that there are hotspots where you land as soon as the fight starts.

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The best examples would be Pochinki and Rozhak in the Erangel map. If you’re a pro, by all means get down here and fight it. After all, most of the loot happens in these places.

However, if your shooting skills still need some work, we recommend staying away from these areas unless the area forces you to stay there. While landing in less popular locations may not get you level three loot, it will give you enough protection to survive the last 10.

5. Fire only you confident about the kill

It would help if you weren’t quick to spray on every enemy you see as they would be a full horde. It’s really hard to shoot a moving element from a long distance.

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That’s why we recommend that you pull the trigger only when you find a stable target; Otherwise, you may be seen by enemies instead of being killed. You can then use the smoke to cover up your teammates.

If you see that enemies are hiding in a specific building, you should use a delicate grenade for this, but through it quickly because the duration of the grenade burst is very short.

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1 Don’t shoot through the walls.
2 Don’t shoot the players in every go, keep it natural as if you are so accurate in shooting the enemies than you may easily be identifiable as cheater.
3 Set a limit between your aiming speed and shooting speed.
4 Don’t always shot on head.

1 Open pubg.
2 Go to settings.
3 Go to basic.
4 Scroll down.
5 Disable allow others to see your result.

1 Method #1: PUBG New State Redeem Code List. Redeem codes are something that players eagerly wait to release.
2 Method #2: Google Opinion Rewards.
3 Method #3: Easy Rewards.
4 Method #4: InstaGC.
5 Method #5: Poll Pay.