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PUBG Mobile: top 6 tricks and tips you should know in 2022

Are you looking for the best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience? If yes, then you will like this article.

Enjoy using pubg mobile uc hilesi to get unlimited uc and premium costumes in turkey for free. In this guide, I will describe you all those PUBG techniques which ultimately boost your gaming skills and give you the confidence to win the title of ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ game.

Of course, to become a professional player you must learn many tricks and tips. in this game. So let’s move on to our tips and tricks.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks advanced

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground may not be a name that most Indian kids are familiar with, but ask anyone about PUBG Mobile and it will be instantly recognizable.

The popular battle-royal game became the most popular video game of the year with Fortnite, with over 200 million downloads worldwide and 30 million daily active users.

The sport is particularly popular in India and the rest of Asia, and for good reason. PUBG Mobile is a turning point in mobile gaming, never has a mobile game felt so close to its PC counterpart, including a robust multiplayer platform, which is the real reason for the game to be successful.

1. Advanced Accurate Aiming

There are more professional uses for pubg mobile for precise aiming.

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However, for these uses, it is necessary to have detailed information about the characteristics of the attachment, areas of use of the weapon, and rates of retreat. PubG Weapon addons, blows and features can be learned about in our article.

Shooting may not work with the scope open because the gun recoils most of the time. You can choose an assault rifle to avoid the gun retreat and aim continuously downwards while shooting. So you can balance the kick.

2. Use silencers

Stealth is your friend in PUBG, as gunfire for nearby enemies is located on the map.

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Silent weapons make it very difficult for other players to find you – there are silencers for many types of weapons (AR, Sniper, SMG, Pistol), but if you already have one you have to manually add it to your weapon.

may have to be added. A compensator was installed. Silencers do not change the ballistic properties of weapons. Some sniper rifles like the SKS will take an AR silencer, so it’s worth playing with.

3. Select a Potent Weapon

Can’t find the best weapon? If you choose the weaker ones, a powerful weapon will eventually kill the opponent faster than a weaker weapon, such as a pistol.

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Want to hone your skills in PUBG Mobile by finding the best weapons? Check out the top 5 most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile.

You should choose your weapons carefully; Not all weapons are created equal; Some are powerful, while others are weak; Some shoot from afar, while others excel in close combat. Choose weapons that suit the situation.

4. Pick a Gun As Soon As You Spot it

Look for and pick up the gun as soon as it touches the ground, and only then should you look for a better option.

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Any gun is better than a bear punch. Once you’ve got the gun pick up a helmet, kevlar medicine kit and energy booster as soon as possible, don’t rush to kill your enemy, pack yourself with enough loot first and don’t carry grenades and smoke. Don’t forget – they are very easy to end circles.

It’s also worth noting here that leaving behind attachments for rear guns and upgrade bags, and vests and helmets is also essential to organizing your bag for when you get better at the game.

5. Disable auto pick up

On the default mode in PUBG Mobile, you avatar will pick up on almost everything that comes your way.

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However, the conditions at hand are not evaluated algorithmically, so it’s better to have control over what you’re picking. For example, you might be in the middle of a close-range gunfight and accidentally run into some bandages lying around.

In the auto pick up setting, your character will first stop shooting to pick up those supplies and you can run out. Avoid this by disabling the Auto Pick-up feature in the Settings menu.

6. Know your maps

While most PUBG Mobile maps are more than familiar to fans of PUBG, it’s important to learn the weapons and items spawn in each map to maximize your chances of winning.

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This will affect not only your landing location, but where you should go as the match progresses. Knowing your maps is even more important now that Miramar, Sanhok, and the newly added Snow Map Vikendi have all been added to the game.

In the case of Vikendi, the map has some additional features like snow mobile. You’ll learn the best hiding places as you play, but you can learn faster by limiting the maps to a pool and deselecting them before starting the match. Do this and you will be an expert in no time.

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1. Erangel.
2. Vikendi.
3. Sanhok. Kicking off the top three, it’s Sanhok.
4. Paramo. Coming in at #4, we have Paramo.
5. Miramar. Miramar was the second map ever released into PUBG.
6. Karakin. Just a size up from Haven, we have Karakin.
7. Haven. The newest PUBG map is also probably the worst.

1. Click on the current season icon on the bottom of the home screen.
2. Then click on rank below your tier.
3. You can see your current rank in your region there.

1. Log in to the game.
2. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
3. A new character is created.
4. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to proceed with the data transfer, select ‘Agree’