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free fire beginner special tips and tricks

You’ve started playing Free Fire, completed a few matches, but are you still having trouble with certain parts of the game? Don’t worry – this is completely normal. We were all beginners at some point and the only way to become a “master” is to practice as much as we can.

This journey can be made easy by following a few tips. That’s what this guide is about: Let us help you become the king of the island by providing useful tips and tricks about Free Fire.

1. Keep Moving

Any war game is a combination of intelligence, skill and the ability to focus on several things at a time. When you are trying to put out the fire, remember to keep going. Many players don’t move during a fight because they want to focus on their target, but at the same time, you run the risk of being shot by being stationary. Killing your opponents is important but the most important aspect of the game is survival.

So, even if it becomes difficult to target your opponent, keep going. If you make it a habit and practice it, you will be able to develop the skill to shoot opponents on the go with good accuracy.

2. Select a safe locations to land

Free Fire has many maps, but most players play on the Bermuda map. Before jumping off the plane you have to choose a safe place to land where no other players can come. If you land at a place like the Peak and the Clock Tower, there are several highly skilled players landing with you, and they hit you first because you’re new to the game, so choosing the right place to land is essential.

We would recommend you to land at any corner of the map as no one comes at the end of the map. This trick will also increase your survival time in Free Fire.

3. Vehicles are your best friends

Got a vehicle at the beginning of the game? Taking it is the best option you have to survive. Keep in mind, the vehicle must be completely covered and not the bike, as other players can easily take aim when you are on the latter.

Take the vehicle and start walking inside the safe zone and outside the shrink zone. If you see an enemy, you can just drive the car over them. Or your teammates can shoot them.

4. Fire and Hide

This type of strategy is used when you are playing for a rank game and with your teammates or a pair. You can use this strategy even when you are alone in the rank game. All you have to do is not expose yourself to the damage caused by enemy bullets.

You would start fire and then hide behind your shelter or tree, which would create confusion for the enemy and they would try to investigate where they got the hit. At that point, you will inflict heavy fire on them.

5. Be vigilant when entering buildings

In Garena Free Fire it is mandatory to enter buildings. If you decide to clear a building, be on the alert at all times—there may be another player inside with a shotgun waiting in the corner to finish you off.

If you don’t care about timing, go inside the building leaning in – your steps will make no noise that a potential enemy inside can hear making it difficult for them to eliminate you, and the enemy behind the building You will not be able to easily fire at you through the window.

6. Gloo Wall Defense

Perhaps the simplest feature of Free Fire, Glue Wall can be sprayed anywhere in the air. This wall protects you from your enemies when you are in the rain of continuous firing.

Another hidden trick of glue wall is that it can be used as a ladder for climbing houses and towers. So use Glue Wall Spray liberally at each moment of battle.

7. The Sneaky One’s Win

Like I said before, Free Fire, or any Battleroyal game, isn’t about kills, it’s about survival. You have to avoid close combat as much as possible and you should not stay in the open for long. You should take cover from time to time to stay away from the eyes of the enemy especially snipers. When the game starts and there are many players there is no need to go out and attack other players as it also makes you an open target.

Just find a good place, a nice nest and use your sniper gun to take out the enemy. Even if you are walking, do not stay in the open for long. If you have to be in an open area, don’t stand up and keep walking.

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